Up to 8 inches of snow for California mountains – In June!

Winter – as in WINTER! – Weather Advisory for Northeast California  

National Weather Service Sacramento CA

Late Season Snow Over Northern Sierra and Lassen Park This

A cool weather system will bring late season snow to the
mountains of northern California this weekend. Snow levels are
expected to drop to near 5000 feet late tonight into Sunday.

Although snow levels could be locally lower, the main snow
accumulations are expected above 5500 feet. There could be around
5-10 inches of snow across Lassen Park with 1-4 inches possible
over the Sierra. Motorists traveling across the Sierra on Sunday
should be prepared for winter driving conditions.

Western Plumas County/Lassen Park-
Including the cities of Chester and Quincy


* MAIN IMPACTS…Slick roads may bring spin-outs and longer travel times. Outdoor events and recreation may be impacted. Reduced visibility in heavier showers.

* TIMING…Late Saturday night through Sunday.

* LOCATIONS…Lassen National Park.

* SNOW ACCUMULATIONS…5 to 10 inches possible above 5500 feet  across Lassen National Park.


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6 thoughts on “Up to 8 inches of snow for California mountains – In June!”

  1. Hump day is June 21 and after that daylight wise it is down hill all the way to Dec 21. If the snowy weather persists until Hump day then we might have to take this more seriously. I have not noticed any more snow fall at Mt Washington since my last posting round the 15th – 16th of May. There isn’t any instant gratification in climatology. Change takes time.

  2. To me, 2017 could become another 1816, but this time, in the western United States, especially in Lassen Park, and the northern Sierra mountain range in California, but mostly in the high elevations (between 6000 and 7000 feet). Even in June, when Summer supposed to arrive there, it is still snowing! In 2017, like 1816 (201 years ago), it would become the “the year without Summer in the U.S., but this time in those mountain ranges in California that I mentioned above. Those poor people who live in California, where those mountain ranges are located, aren’t so lucky to see Summer arrive, and to them is like a never-ending Winter. At this rate, the ski resorts there would remain open for the entire year, that would help boost their business.

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