More than 8 inches of snow headed for parts of UK

Below-freezing forecast for many areas.

The Met Office has issued a warning for snow for much of the UK, with more than 8 inches of snow possible in parts of Northern Ireland and eastern England by Wednesday..

Meanwhile, below-freezing temperatures are forecast for many areas.


13 thoughts on “More than 8 inches of snow headed for parts of UK

  1. “Snow” also in Sacramento, I know they call it hail, they tend to

    call any unusual snowfall on beaches of Southern California, etc, hail, and it looks like there were some thunderstorms that moved through the area, still, I can’t help wondering if they are just using a euphemism for snow, especially when there’s reports by reliable officials. That’s the same thing they said with the last drought, they would never get out of it, no matter how much water, then it was gone in two months. Not saying that will happen this time, however, it sounds like there’s more on the way, remains to be seen about March, however catching up in February for sure by the looks of it.

    I wasn’t even looking for this, actually just checking totals for rain, first article I clicked on, sort of tells you something in itself.

  2. Apparently sea front froze in wales. Not long till thames freezes again. Watching some of the forecasts they said very rare for cold line to extend into atlantic, but it’s happening.

  3. Well. In the UK… some of my son’s trains yesterday were canceled due to impending snow (not actual snow) getting in and out of London. Today in Yorkshire we have about 10mm so far (snowmageddon was forecast) – we live at the top of a hill.

    If a GSM really does take hold then I think an attitude shift is necessary. People would not be able to use a small amount of snow as an excuse for staying at home then. That means people working and goods and services being delivered. Heaven help us.

  4. pity the well off dont suffer like the animals and poor people in weather like this..
    might help wake the whackers up a bit if they did actiually have to endure some discomfort.

  5. What a joke. The London evening paper the Evening Standard had a front page warning us to get of London by 6pm or else. And nothing happened. Very isolated and possibly quite heavy snow showers but no mass snow.

    • Agreed, Gerry, nothing like they warned us about at the moment. However, perhaps things will get worse. Here in Surrey, 30 miles SE of London, the temperature at 1.30 a.m. Wednesday, is -5C/23F, which is very low for our area

  6. Hey Robert,
    Very fond of your site, and check it regularly. Just wondering, as I am in the UK and its getting quite cold.
    Do you have any links or resources for preparation? or general advice? Sorry If you have answered this before.
    Thanks mate.

  7. Heavy snow experienced here on the north east coast of England, and it’s the most snow we’ve had here since 2010.

    To see snow and ice settling on the beach is quite something, and a sight I have only witnessed here twice, both times this winter.

    Based on the local forecasts, tomorrow and Thursday could be quite interesting…

  8. Blackpool about 1″ snow this morning. Totally gone by mid afternoon.
    I can only remember significant snowfall here in the 80’s.
    The media certainly blew the beast from the east out of all proportion.
    I would like to believe in global cooling but all i can see is a shift in weather patterns and continued warming.

  9. There will be FAR MORE than 8 inches of snow ! Why? Because this Atlantic Low is hitting the western UK from a SOUTHERLY latitude, so it will be extremely moisture-laden,having emanated from warmer climes. When Atlantic Low meets Scandinavian High, over the UK, it is a classic snow chart. I predicted this in a Western Mail letter over a month ago when minus 61 C was recorded in Siberia.
    An ordinary Low in winter carries at least an INCH of rain……possibly TWO INCHES. Is not an inch of rain equivalent to 10 or 12 inches of snow?
    With this chart….even with an inch of rain, it would give 10 inches of snow……..but it could be TWENTY INCHES[ equal to 2 inches of rain], being it is coming up from the south and hitting the coldest of Siberian air.
    The BEAST FROM THE EAST…….meets a PEST FROM THE WEST , one could say.
    With strong winds behind it…there will be SEVERE BLIZZARDS !

    The Portugese name the storm as EMMA. It should be called EIRA……..a common Welsh girl’s name !
    EIRA means SNOW in English.
    This could be a repeat of 1947 ! That huge snow came in March.

  10. By the way, on Tuesday, the Siberian wind was only crossing the SMALL NORTH SEA to England’s east coast. So it could only have picked up a relatively small amount of moisture.

    On THURSDAY, an Atlantic Low will have crossed the HUGE ATLANTIC OCEAN from SOUTHERLY LATITUDES…… the amount of moisture it will carry does not even compare to the trivial amount on the North Sea showers.
    So if the latter have caused a problem……..LOOK OUT ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY !

    BE WARNED !!

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