80 cm of snow paralyzes Turkish village

And it is COLD. In the live animal market in Erzurum’s Oltu district, sellers burned car tires to warm the livestock.

9 Dec 2017 – The lowest temperature was recorded in Yayladüzü village, with 17.7 degrees below zero.

In the Eastern Anatolia Region, fountains, water pools and rivers are covered in ice. Residents struggled to start their vehicles early in the morning.

80 cm (2′-8″) of snow

In the Eastern Anatolia Region, snowfall reaching about 80 cm (waist deep) in the town of Posof left many vehicles stuck in the city center.

A shopkeeper said, “In Posof, life is paralyzed.” The villagers do not come because the roads are closed, and we are working to open the front of our shops. ”



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    • Okay, let’s split the difference. I’m 5′-10″ tall, but I wear pants with only a 30-inch inseam. It may not be waist deep, but I’d have tough time walking through snow up to my crotch.

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