Hurricane Sandy Not A Result Of Ocean Global Warming nor CO2

Data from the NCDC (an agency of NOAA), confirm that global warming of the oceans did not cause Hurricane Sandy.

In fact, the most recent temperature measurements from the NCDC, which publishes global ocean temperature records, reveal that ocean temperatures have actually remained flat over last 15 years (thru September 2012), while CO2 levels increased

This chart shows global ocean temperatures for the 15-year period ending September 2012. Clearly, since late 1997, global warming of the oceans has not happened and thus can not be the cause of Hurricane Sandy.

Thanks to Kirk Myers for this link

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Not A Result Of Ocean Global Warming nor CO2”

  1. NOAA are in disarray? Are we witnessing the end of the ‘climate change’ hoax? No…, that would be a cold day in hell.

  2. Thanks for the link, interesting data and analysis.
    I believe the cooling observed since the end of 2007 will enhance due to the increasing cooling of the polar regions,
    I’m a bit surprised by the persistent warm behavior of the AMO this year, I believe this could have been triggered in part by the increased solar radiation of the end of 2011.
    OTOH, the appearance and disappearance of the El Nino this year was not surprising IMO due to the continuous expansion (increasing trend of the anomaly) of the Antarctic icecap.
    I believe the oscillations of the Arctic will cease in a couple of years and the Antarctic anomaly will continue to increase, the El Nino’s will become weaker and La Nina’s will last longer although not necessarily be stronger.
    The great question in my mind is what is going to happen with the solar radiation in the next years.
    If we go back to 2008/2009 levels soon I believe the acceleration of the present cooling process is unavoidable, it will overcome all the other trends and cyclic oscillations.
    Another wild card is volcanic activity, a strong one like Pinatubo could trigger the beginning of another LIA in a few years IMO, because the cooling trend is set already and it should last for at least a few decades.
    What separates us from a more evident colder climate now is just a trigger.

  3. Excuse me, the public listens to politicians, not scientists. What a stroke of luck this hurricane is for those who want to promote climate as in man’s hands. You might say the truth has been man handled.

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