83 million Americans under winter weather advisories

Along with record low temperatures across the eastern US.

Around a quarter of Americans across the Midwest and parts of the Southeast were under winter weather advisories today.

At least 39 record low temperatures were set on Sunday morning across the eastern US, said CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri.

The temperature at JFK airport dropped to 5F (-15C) Sunday morning, breaking the previous record of 6F (-14.4C) set just three years ago. (Do we detect a trend here?)

Meanwhile, an ice storm dumped freezing rain from the Missouri Valley through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys into parts of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.

As much as a quarter inch of ice or more could accumulate in cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Washington, New York and Atlanta, forecasters said.


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  1. My local news in NJ reported 2017 was the 3rd hottest year on record. They didn’t elaborate if they meant for the whole globe, US or just NJ. I doubt it’s true for any of them.

  2. A devastating cyclone attacks the south of the Far East (RU)

    To the south of the Far East, the inclement cyclone collapsed.
    In the Kuriles today and tomorrow, the wind is expected to reach 33-38 m / s! Real hurricane values! Here a warning is announced about adverse weather events.

    On Sakhalin at the beginning of the first working week the wind is stormy, but snow. On the night of Wednesday, very heavy snow is expected in places, more than 20-30 mm of precipitation may fall out. But now another problem: the air in the cyclone in the northern hemisphere rotates counter-clockwise, which means that in the rear part the wind blows from the north, bringing with it the stale air. In the south of Primorye, in the coming days, it is expected to -10°C… – 15°C, and in the north and in the mainland to -25°C, and in some places it can reach -30°C!

  3. Not quite the same scale

    Heavy snowfall has trapped around 13,000 tourists at Zermatt, one of Switzerland’s most popular ski stations.

    The snow has blocked all roads and the train leading to the resort in the southern Swiss canton of Valais, which was also hit by some power outages, head of the train station Janine Imesch said.

    There are currently ‘around 13,000 tourists at Zermatt,’ she said, while the station website warned that ‘arrivals and departures are not possible at the moment.’


  4. “Winter is coming”
    Some ominous words from the Game of Thrones series but it seems that something along those lines got a mention at King World News.
    Mini ice ages are being talked about at business news websites. People in the business world are starting to open their eyes to what is going on. Money will soon start to talk and people will start to listen because there is a lot at stake in this matter.


  5. Sorry for the off-topic comment, but . . . .
    Here in Central Coast California we’ve had intermittent rain for the past 3 days, especially last night.

    The news worth commenting: Once again, our sky is a normal beautiful blue dome w fluffy white clouds– the first time in months– because all of the that stuff they’re spraying has washed out of the sky.

    Apparently the aircraft that spray the chemtrails are busy elsewhere. At some point they will return and we will again be told that what we are seeing is only aircraft “contrails.” But if you watch them you will see that within a quarter hour the “contrails” spread over the whole sky, so that we have an overcast.

    These are not contrails. I have a small background in aviation. Please, please the next time you see a normal sky keep an eye on it so that you will see what ends it.

    • We had a couple of days here in the sanctuary spray state of IL with low or only late day trails. I even got some heat out of the grn.house attached to the back of my house and was able to put some plants out at 9am. at -5 f. The spray is mostly the gmo program, nearly accomplished Imo. as most ALL of my reseeding annuals are gone. They have caused massive amounts of damage to property & environment everywhere, I have heard AGW wacko’s already say, as I stated almost 2 yrs ago, the POTUS’S environmental policies are going to murder the planet. They will say it’s the carbon disaster. Most of the people around here wish to remain silent or in denial but many now know including most local gov. reps. & officials. Chicago sprays chem trails, contrails were engineered out decades ago. No contrails on the drones or the controllers. Keep observing and keep talking, stop these satanic devils these are the AGW people funding this with our money and all’s you and me get is a death sentence and oh by the way the whole planet is dying as we wait for ???? Make Guantanimo their safest place.

  6. Some sort of one day rainfall record for San Francisco, meanwhile, Los Angeles is busy minimizing their significant rainfall too. Not sure where that impulse comes from. Half an inch in 5 minutes isn’t light rain no matter who you are, the eye of the storm passed right over them. Fires are out, yet only focus is on the negative, no wonder it doesn’t rain there often, it’s not at all welcome.

    • Well to quote a song from the 60s (or was it the 70s)…

      “it never rains in California, but girl.. let me warn ya… it pours, man it pours!”

      Well the truth be known, the risk of a mudslide isn’t exactly my idea of fun. Living in San Diego County in 2003… after what was at the the the worst wildfire in CA history (now 2nd)… they said some of the burnt areas had up to an 85% chance of flash flooding and mudslides. Made me a nervous wreck for a time driving from my town in the mountains down to work in the city.

  7. At least those floods will help fill the reservoirs of South California and Nevada !! I thought they were DESPERATE for rain in those parts?

    Farmers will welcome that rain too.Of course, if it comes too heavily in a short time, there are bound to be some flash floods.
    OVERALL, the rain MUST be of benefit?

    • That IS why the reservoirs are there (in part). Part of the whole flood plain management system. The Santa Ana river (which runs through parts of Orange and LA counties) used to be totally out of control.

      What you see in a lot of movies they make in So. CA (you know the ones where they’ve got a big chase scene with motorcycles etc. driving in what looks like a huge concrete basin) … that’s the “river” when it has no water in it usually. But the Santa Ana river is responsible for more flooding than ANY other river west of the Mississippi.

  8. Re the very COLD weather in the USA, please write to DAILY MAIL in UK plus BBC and tell them about your low temps. EXPLAIN IF IT IS FAHRENHEIT YOU ARE QUOTING.

    We use Fahrenheit AND Centigrade or Celsius here in the UK.
    So please mention DEGREES C or DEGREES F.

  9. Part of it I think is a lack of knowlege of the things you mentioned, the rest might be that people that gravitate there, some of them, don’t want a one day change of pace from the sun.

  10. Since I last wrote, there have been further reports in the UK on the California mudslides.They are now far more severe than at first reported. There looks to have been great distress and loss of life around Santa Barbara due to the fact that wildfires had left the hills bare of protective foliage.I extend my condolences to those who have suffered injuries or loss of life.
    Whilst the heavy rain may have benefited parts of California,others have not been so fortunate. Good luck !

  11. In California there is some evidence (coincidences?) that some recent fires have been for the purpose of clearing land which has been pre-approved for the concentrated high-rise apartments of Agenda 21. Apparently 16 fires began at night in Sonoma/Napa area on October 8 of this year. The final devastation area coincided with the planned huge area which forms a part of a proposed “human settlement”.

    Anomalies: it is claimed that terra cotta tile roofs burned and that window glass melted., indicating a much higher temperature than usual. In some areas aerial photos show all the trees bordering the burned houses were unburned.

    It is mystifying how fire engines failed to put out fires in flat residential areas surrounded w excellent road access.

    In the December 2017 Thomas fire, the failure to control the fire seems inexplicable. They overstated winds, which were pretty low. We were told that 8,000 firemen are fighting this fire, but because tree/brush areas were involved, road access was poor. Therefore, mainline firefighting in this area HAD to be water & retardant drops. Youtubers are reporting that the one supertanker (double size) was ready to go but couldn’t get permission of the forestry dept. Also that only 29 helicopters were used for water drops.
    Most inexplicable of all, in both the earlier burnt area and the Thomas fire area there had been local activism to clear the underbrush in surrounding forest areas, but this had been resisted by environmental grooups and govt! In the past this clearing had been automatic.

    In 2015, Deborah Tavares, originally an activist against the health effects of the Smart Meters discovered via FOIA requests addressed to PG&E the Rothschild involvement in PG&E, PG&E’s involvement in “space weather” (mentioned in their emails), and the existence of satellite-based technology that converts solar energy to microwave for use in energy production. There is informed engineering advice that space-based lasers have been a reality for decades. (Think fire-starter, also ability to alter the jetstream.)
    I live 60 miles from the just-extinguished Thomas fire and researched to become aware of all this because something didn’t ring true in the reporting of it.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGcvkAGCwFM March 2015 Deborah Tavares The Plan to Burn Up Northern CA
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pokPaIyuCGE Oct 24, 2017
    If you want to gauge the progress of Agenda 21 in your area, research the land-use regulations. Look up the approved “human settlement” for your area. You will find that it has been approved for an incredible concentration of apartments with a reduction in their size. In Germany they have already outlawed the construction of single-family homes!

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