9-story-deep sinkhole amazes Kansas town – Video

9-story-deep sinkhole amazes Kansas town – Video

August 02, 2013 – “A few days ago, the earth opened up and left a giant sinkhole in the middle of Dalton Hoss’ pasture, says this report by Jim Grawe on KWCH 12 Eyewitness News.

“The sinkhole is 200 feet across and 90 feet (27.4 m) deep.  People are amazed by the size of the hole that seemed to show up overnight.”

“Man had nothing to do with this,” said Sheriff Townsend. “This is a God thing.  There’s no oil well around here, there are no irrigation wells anywhere near.  This is something that just happened,”


Kansas sinkhole in Wallace County continues to grow

Kansas Sinkhole Keeps Growing; A ‘God-Thing’ 200-Ft Across, 90-Ft Deep Hole Swallows Massive Field in Wallace County

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  1. Dissolving Salt Likely Cause…

    “University of Kansas geologist Lynn Watney is adamant it’s likely the result of dissolution of salt nearly 2,000 feet below ground that’s behind it all, according to Rex Buchanan, interim director of the Kansas Geological Survey.”

    This whole area of the Midwestern U.S. was once long ago a great shallow sea.
    [a few pages in to this pdf shows a map of the sea’s partial extent]
    The vast stretches of limestone rock strata found across the Midwest also attest to this fact.
    So it is not unusual that there would be a salt/gypsum formation, called the Blaine Formation, that resulted. What does come into my mind however, since this area is at the western edge of Kansas and in the rain shadow of the Rocky mountains, thus receiving significantly less rain than eastern Kansas, there might be a significant underground water drainage, or underground river that has aided the dissolving of the Blaine salt formation.

    The following two excerpts are from this link:

    “Old Maid’s Pool–This sinkhole is northwest of Sharon Springs in Wallace County (sec. 30, T. 12 S., R. 40 W.). Moore (1926b) described it as 80 feet in maximum depth and three-eighths of a mile in diameter. It holds a small lake 300 feet wide, although in 1962 it was dry. The hole is circular, and the wall is moderately dissected. Pierre Shale is exposed on the south side of the basin (Elias, 1931).”

    “Solution of gypsum in the Blaine Formation (Permian) has resulted in many small sinks, caves, and natural bridges in Barber and Comanche counties. Caves in this area and adjoining portion of Oklahoma are commonly called “The Bat Caves.” These caverns have been described in detail by Twente (1955). Grimsley and Bailey (1899) described a gypsum cave on Cave Creek, 4 miles west of Evansville, known as Big Gypsum cave. A stream entered from the west of the 100-foot cave and left by an east opening.”

      • The extent and depth of possible caverns in Kansas, and many other places is largely an unknown.

        “The absence of surface drainage courses may indicate subterranean water courses in soluble rocks. In the Bird City area in Cheyenne County, there is an absence of drainage channels. In western Kansas, White Woman Creek offers an excellent example of subsurface water drainage. The stream enters the state in Greeley County and flows east across Wichita County into western Scott County, where the surface water course disappears. No re-entry to the surface is known. The point at which the stream disappears is a short distance west of the Modoc Basin. “ : http://www.kgs.ku.edu/Publications/Bulletins/162/10_app_d.html

    • This salt produced hole brings to mind the nearly 400-foot deep (some say 700ft) sinkhole in Louisiana that has swallowed all of the trees in its area and enacted a mandatory evacuation order for about 150 residences ….This is a salt cavern as is this next recent report.
      CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cargill salt mine below Lake Erie has stopped mining because of concerns that the roof 1,800 feet below ground could collapse.
      How many more?

  2. Has anyone ever checked for a correlation between sunspot cycles and the occurrence of sinkholes and subsidence in general?

    • At the onset of the twentieth century there were three solar cycles of very low sunspots.
      The largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century occurred in Alaska in 1912. Between the years 1900 – 1920 there were tens of thousands of people killed by various large earthquakes in Italy. Who knows if there were a similar amount of people killed in other countries where communication was non existent at that time? (China?).

      The low sunspot count cycles of the early twentieth century are different to the current period. Solar physicists are forecasting a possible maunder minimum based on ongoing observations. The early twentieth century pause had different scientific readings which did not indicate the onset of a Maunder.

      Correlation is not a consequence however.

  3. This adds some proof to the Hollow Earth theory,obviously there is empty space under ground. Recently in louisiana,florida had these ground disturbances as well.

  4. Well I don’t think anyone can blame this one on humans, can we ? Just like many other sinkholes OR volcanic vents around the world….

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