90-year-old woman who contracted coronavirus is now recovering

“My husband’s grandma was diagnosed with COVID-19, and she’s getting better,” reads the headline.

Geneva Wood, who lived at Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington, tested positive for coronavirus on March 6, her grand-daughter-in-law, Kate Neidigh writes in “Seattle Refined.”

Photo courtesy Neidigh family

However, you may be surprised to learn it’s not a “doom and gloom” story, writes Meidigh.

Wood was placed in isolation at Harborview Medical Center and expected to be gone any day. However, the 90-year-old great-great grandmother, who refused to go down without a fight, is now a beacon of hope for millions.

The family reports that as of March 17,  this feisty woman (her family describes her as a “bat out of hell”) was fully off her oxygen, tested negative for the disease and had only a few symptoms left.

“Who are we to question the fighting spirit of a tough ol’ Texas coot!” says her daughter Cami Neidigh. “If anyone’s going to give the middle finger to a killer virus, it’s her.”

“My family and I are sharing this story because we feel it’s important to give people some hope,” says Cami.

“Getting this virus is not necessarily a death sentence for the elderly or anybody,” Cami advises. “Be more afraid of spreading it. It’s a wake-up call to take care of each other. Find positive ways to help others out.”

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11 thoughts on “90-year-old woman who contracted coronavirus is now recovering”

  1. What you should all be sticking your middle fingers up at is the notion that you all have to lose your livelihoods because some robber barons think they can try it on.

    CoVid19 is no Spanish Flu, it is nothing special at all.

    You are all having your life’s work stolen and you need to think what punishment the thieves should get……..

    • I was able to get my Superannuation out more than a week ago – I saw this happen in 2008.

      My fund lost all the gains since July 2019 in the time it took them to give me the funds – didn’t lose much of the before July 2019 position and no capital losses. Still lost some “earnings” though but they aren’t real till you withdraw them anyway – “earnings” are just a journal entry when the stock market is involved.

  2. It would be useful to know what treatments were used. Hospitals are beginning to use an anti-malaria drug in combination with other drugs with success.

  3. Rhys,

    You are not a medical person. What you are saying is dangerous to the general public. Covid SARS IS the real deal….I believe in free speech, but, at some point, this idiocy needs to be punished…people like you need silenced….

  4. Good for her,

    Tim Horton’s is anticipating a 2 week total shut down and the super markets are getting resupplied to some degree in Barrie Ontario, We have a clear sky and it is going to be freaking cold tonight. I think my 10 guesses for this year will hold up.

  5. It isn’t a coincedence that countries are locked up for some kind of virus that gives symptons just like any other flu. The acceralation in the death toll is rather surprising and scaring people. That will be used to force people in the direction wanted by government, just like the danish government has done, to obeye the government for your own sake otherwise punishment will be part of you for the rest of your life. Also, it will be used to restructure the monetary position of the EU. All is done independent of the climate change. The way the subject ‘climate change’ was put onto the political agenda was, after all, a warn in what way governments will react and be active to force people. Opposition will be blamed in a rather negative way. Nevertheless, the media can be blamed for the hysterical situation as it overemphasized, as usual, situations to attract attention for all kind of reasons. As a EU citizen I am locked up and a lot of people don’t mind it, even like it, for it gives a safe feeling. The intelectuals at the left-side do like it, it stimulates the creativity and so on, gives coherence in society, almost every argument is used to get the feeling ‘it is good so, in this way’. I start reading a famous philosopher, not a modern one.

  6. In the 30 or so days since the first COVID-19 death in the US, there have been 408 subsequent deaths.
    In that same 30 or so days there have been 3400 deaths from car accidents.
    And yet we manage to continue going about our business

  7. Robert:

    With regard to the interview with Ontario’s retired Chief Medical Officer as provided in the above link–our august CBC television network has actually taken this down from its site! I would assume this would have to have been as a result of a directive from government. We are living in uneasy times.

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