97% of New Zealand skifields closed Thursday due to … TOO MUCH SNOW!

More than 80 people stuck on Mt Ruapehu ski field for more than two days

9 Sep 2016 – What we call a Southerly Buster (coming up from the Antarctic Ocean), or a cold-wave – as opposed to a cold-snap – has been hammering the country the past few days. Various media have been hyping it up as “Winter Returns!”

Ski field manager Sue Graham said gale force wind conditions were  blowing snow onto the road at a rate faster than it could be cleared.

A group from Wellington High School were among those waiting in the ski fields’ three lodges, for the 14km Tukino Access Road to be cleared

The trapped students and teachers were safely driven down the mountain’s 4-wheel-drive-access-only track.


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One thought on “97% of New Zealand skifields closed Thursday due to … TOO MUCH SNOW!”

  1. That darn 97% again, sounds like they were ready for the situation and had more fun than trouble. Hey Al Gore, 97% of kids will know what snow is in 2017 , the other 3% just won’t be able to walk or talk yet.

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