A century of chilly, agriculture depressing weather is painful enough

The Electrical Universe theory: The sun is powered not by nuclear fusion but by vast electrical currents mediated by plasma streams which stretch through the stars of the galaxy and to the planets, and will continue downward carrying the Earth’s temperatures lower.

A century of chilly, agriculture depressing weather is painful enough

James Wood

If everyone is getting convinced that a Little Ice Age is coming and that there will be a Grand Solar Minimum then what is the place of the true Ice Age in this reasoning? There is the argument promoted by Rolf Witzschke that the bottom of the Grand Solar Minimum is not really there. The temperature will just drop through that nonexistent minimum and continue on down into a full blown Ice Age.

His reasoning is based on the Electrical Universe theory arguing that the sun is powered not by nuclear fusion but by vast electrical currents mediated by plasma streams which stretch through the stars of the galaxy and to the planets. These plasma stream’s intensity is cyclical with different periods resulting in the various fluctuations in solar output. The cyclical fluctuation relevant to Ice Ages is about 100,000 years in length and we are now dropping into the downside of this cycle. Of course, lesser cycles ride on top of this greater one so the observed cycles of the Little Ice Age are there too. Thus when the lesser cycle of the Little Ice Age stops declining the greater cycle will continue downward carrying the Earth’s temperatures lower.

Lower and lower and lower.

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14 thoughts on “A century of chilly, agriculture depressing weather is painful enough”

  1. Fairly new follower here , just wanted to say thanks for all you do Robert! I love reading your stuff. Its all so fascinating.

  2. Roughly another 500 years, till we reach the apex heading into the mid-section of Milky Way galaxy. As prescribed by the ancient Mayan’s and several other cultures.
    Enjoy the ride 🙂

  3. Thanks, Robert, for posting and acknowledging the Electric Universe which adequately explains the cosmos, unlike the gravity & red shift non-sense. YouTube has several Electric Universe sites and there are several websites:
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9UCrn5171lksANzqvXthA (see the pattern) (more than electric universe, but heavily into it)

  4. awful lot of things inc every cell in our bodies is magnetically influenced and charged
    meanwhile in cloudy Vic Aus today we managed 12c high now night and its 10c
    needless to say things arent growing much right now. but in my area at least the mice have slowed right down(no plague here -yet)

  5. The electric universe theory appears to make more sense and answers more questions. The gravity/nuclear fusion theory (of old) will have to be tossed in the dust bin of imaginative ideas. Along with this dark matter/black hole nonsense they never find.
    Try to imagine every star connected electrically, like pearls on a string, through the vastness of space. And the same with every galaxy. It challenges the imagination.

  6. Needless to say that regular sunspots are starting to return to the sun, so like everything else we will have to wait and see. I’m no “expert” and unlike the sea of “experts” that we are drowning in during this time of COVID I don’t pretend to know for certain what’s going to happen. Time will tell, it always does.

  7. … the libtard zombification vaxx(s) is already working beautifully.

    Canadian Elections Suspended Indefinitely (as one can likely expect for all the unrigged Democracies ww… that never were)

    If you allow the communist fascist one world feudal government ww to break its own laws [dictates] due to an emergency it will always create an emergency to ‘break the law/previous dictate’ – it’s a no-brainer – things are just reverting back to the mean (both ways) millenniums old governance condition… it’s likely how humans have been able to make it through many previous ice ages (mini and maxi) with some level of ‘civilization’ and infrastructure preserved.


  8. My theory is that full blown Ice Ages aren’t what people think they are, they are triggered by a blast from the sun which heats then freezes the atmosphere for a few years or decades while the sun is dormant. When the sun kicks back on, the ice melts, the water rises, and life begins anew again.

    Little Ice Ages are cyclical and fully dependent on the Sun and it’s output.

    New research is showing that volcanos are triggered by the sun and it’s plasma ejections (this is part of the electric universe theory)


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