A few videos from yesterday’s blizzard

“Looks like mid-January,” says reader Kenneth Lund.
How would you like to be driving in these conditions?

Saline County, Kansas – Blizzard closes interstate

Salina, Kansas – Semi Jack Knife – Vehicles Stuck – Blizzard Conditions

Here are several more blizzard videos:









Thanks to Kenneth Lund for these links

7 thoughts on “A few videos from yesterday’s blizzard”

  1. Historic Snowstorm Blankets Chicago Area; Thousands Without Power, Hundreds Of Flights Canceled

    Snowstorm drops up to 13 inches on Chicago area, strands travelers, leaves tens of thousands without power

    Ocean circulation in North Atlantic is at its weakest for 1,500 years – and at levels that previously triggered a mini Ice Age, study warns

  2. reckon the bears have the right idea
    stay home n curl up
    going out in that?
    crazy or desperate would be the two labels Id use;-)

    • It would be nice if everyone could stay at home and be snug, but there are two basic reasons in addition to being crazy or desperate that people are caught out in those conditions…

      1. they have a job that requires them to go to work no matter the weather… i.e., first responders, people who work at hospitals and some government agencies, people running things like the snow plows… and sometimes people whose job does not allow them to stay home or risk losing their job

      2. people who get caught unaware of an approaching storm, often because the weather forecasters got it wrong.

      I’ve had to go out in blizzards multiple times for both those reasons – work required or that I got caught in an unexpected early or worse than expected storm.

      But personally, I find ice storms a lot scarier (and far more unpredictable) than even the worse blizzard I’ve been in.

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