A foot of snow in Norway and record cold

Temperatures down to a record low for July of -7.cC (19F). (I think that means for the entire month of July.)


Norway’s July summer holidays got off to an extremely chilly start over the weekend, with strong winds, heavy rain, hail and even snow, catching many tourists by surprise.

Slippery roads and as much as 30 cm (12 inches) of snow in the mountains prompted warnings from state highway officials that motorists shouldn’t drive over mountain passes without snow tires. One mountain lodge, Sognefjellshytta, reported a new record low temperature for July of minus-7.2C late Saturday night, and so did several other weather stations in the mountains of Southern Norway.

The weather turned bad all over Norway, with temperatures expected to stay low all week from north to south.

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“Looks like bikinis and thermals are the go to packing items ;-)”, says Laurel

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  1. That cold low parked its self over the UK for 10 days dragging cold air down from between Iceland and Norway. In a meridional blocking action which saw warm air pushed up into Northern Russia giving record temperatures for the modern season of records since 1915. No one has observed the previous Grand Solar Minimum on a worldwide basis, other than by proxy records and documented periods of extreme weather events.
    One of those was the destruction of the Imperial French Army during Napoleon’s abortive invasion of Russia during the Dalton GSM 1780 to 1820
    The cold was so intense that bivouacking was no longer supportable. Bad luck to those who fell asleep by a campfire! Furthermore, disorganization was perceptibly gaining ground in the Guard. One constantly found men who, overcome by the cold, had been forced to drop out and had fallen to the ground, too weak or too numb to stand. Ought one to help them along – which practically meant carrying them? They begged one to let them alone. There were bivouacs all along the road – ought one to take them to a campfire? Once these poor wretches fell asleep they were dead. If they resisted the craving for sleep, another passer-by would help them along a little farther, thus prolonging their agony for a short while, but not saving them, for in this condition the drowsiness engendered by cold is irresistibly strong. Sleep comes inevitably, and sleep is to die. I tried in vain to save a number of these unfortunates. The only words they uttered were to beg me, for the love of God, to go away and let them sleep. To hear them, one would have thought sleep was their salvation. Unhappily, it was a poor wretch’s last wish. But at least he ceased to suffer, without pain or agony. Gratitude, and even a smile, was imprinted on his discoloured lips. What I have related about the effects of extreme cold, and of this kind of death by freezing, is based on what I saw happen to thousands of individuals. The road was covered with their corpses.
    — Caulaincourt[97]

  2. Scotland just recorded its lowest ever July temperature with it falling to -0.5 C at Altnaharra last night. 7th into 8th of July 2020.

  3. The weather switched from heatwaves of gasping thirst and sweat patches all over your clothes to daytime pluses of 17 which is often a minimum night time temperature for July.
    I also read about severe snow in XinJiang which is a Western portion of China. Sheep were unable to cope after they had been sheared for summer.
    I will say I have not ruled out Geoengineering set up by corrupt people who are of motives I cannot fathom. I still think sudden onset ice ages can occur but not a sudden 40 degree temperature drop in China accompanied by 5 major pulses of horrid floods on top of a virus which scares everybody senseless.
    The World has gone mad!

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