A glimmer of hope – For many, there is no need for panic

Concerning the coronavirus, “US citizens have nothing to worry about,” says a Feb 18th article on investmentwatchblog.com. However, for those who are already severely compromised, or have had the SARs vaccine…

“First, let me say that there is no need for panic,” writes a person who identifies himself (herself) as Wildthing3. “Most US citizens are not at risk for getting the pathological changes in their lungs that are causing deaths in China.”

“As a matter of fact, as of yesterday, there were 1,770 deaths from the Coronavirus. All of them, with the exception of FOUR occurred in China. I have done research on the four people that have died and found that ALL OF THEM had connections to Asia.

“Why is this important?

“Keep in mind that as of today (Feb 18), there are 77,000 people diagnosed with the Coronavirus. 26 different countries have reported cases of the virus. Yet only 4 deaths outside of China?

“It’s been 7 weeks since China admitted they had a pandemic on their hands, surely we’d be seeing a higher death rate outside of China by now…

“So here’s why I am almost positive based on what we’ve seen so far, that US citizens have nothing to worry about.

“Back when the SARs virus was going around, researchers created a vaccine for it.

Unfortunately, in layman’s terms, “researchers then found that when they reinfected mice with SARS again 54 weeks after vaccination, they saw pathological changes in the lungs of the vaccinated mice.” (See link for info about this research)

“This same exact protein is is the 2019 -nCoV virus. So, what do you think is going to happen to the people who already had the SARs vaccine and now get re-infected? You’re seeing it! They get pnuemonia (and worse) and die! And WHERE do you think the people who got SARs vaccines live? In Asian countries, most in CHINA where SARs originated!

“Can you get the coronavirus? YES.
“You can get any virus.
“Will you die from it? Probably not, unless you are already very compromised OR have had the SARs vaccine.

“Of course, the powers to be will NEVER admit that a vaccine is actually causing these deaths, but look at the entire picture, so far, my theory is proving to be true. Time will tell.”

(Even if Wildthing3 is correct and the virus is mainly restricted to Asians and those already severely compromised, I (Robert) still fear it could take down the world economy, leading to immeasurable social chaos, poverty, suffering and deaths.) 

Here’s the entire article:

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  1. That would explain why very young children in Asian countries are not getting such severe cases. They are probably too young to have been vaccinated for SARs.

  2. I read an article in which a biologist claimed that Asian males have more receptors for the virus that either Asian females or non-Asians. But, I obviously do not know.

  3. Well something is rotten in Wuhan.
    People outside of China get it, then get better for the most part.
    As of today the 20th there have been 1362 cases outside of China. 1199 still sick. 163 recovered. 9 have passed.

    The numbers, even the nonsense the Chinese are publishing are much much worse for inside of China.

    • yeah the not dead but NOT recovered numbers are baffling me too
      from 15 cases in Aus though we also have released as cured only 2 so far that Ive seen mentioned maybe 3?
      no one is mentioning what the hell is going on and why recovery is low and what damage is being done to keep them hospitalised

  4. Until the next time the virus infects westerners who have a mild or asymptomatic case this time around.
    DUH. This virus probably works the same way. So this time around most people in this hemisphere are not gonna get serious side effects. But then what happens the next time they get a SARS related virus?

  5. The virus is already taking down the Chinese economy, and Japan and Germany are about to go into recession. About the only major country not about to go into a recession is the US, thanks to the Fracking boom and increased world demand for US energy and agricultural products.

    • Indias also teetering , it was rocky before
      a lot of the biz is pharmas and electronic ditto japan for componentry.
      but almost all meds use excipients from China and the makers are either shut or limited staff
      so indias supplies are drying up
      whyis that a problem to usa etc
      well they make the generics AND brand names with known names yes cheap offshore making for top usa$ charges to you.
      the sth amerian options arent going to cover it and haitis still in disarray I gather(their other nice cheap low wage facilities you didnt know about)
      you have ONE maker of tylenol in the usa
      the rest is imported.
      add to that the main ingredient for Heparin is from chinese pig intestines and theyve lost 50% or more of the pigs and now also have a H5N1 chookflu causing large culls(ps its also been found in EU too)
      migratory birds prob cause

  6. If this article is correct, this may be why the US did not respond more quickly and more forcefully to the initial reports of the outbreak in China, and why travel to and from China was not stopped immediately.

  7. I watched an interesting live online interview yesterday with Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the U. of Illinois and the author back in 1989 of the legislative ban on biological weapons (and research) that was unanimously enacted by Congress and soon adopted by the UN, He is a leading world expert on bioweapons, it seems. He has been researching this virus and the findings of scientists in India and the US who have studied it so far, and concluded that it is similar to the SARS virus. But he noted than, in papers published by a BSL-3 lab at the University of North Carolina several years ago, that they had proudly announced they had succeeded in “gain of function” (weaponizing) the coronavirus they were working with. That, according to Boyle, is highly illegal under US law and UN treaty, and people should go to jail for it.

    However, more disturbing are other public documents he found that China essentially purchased that virus, or the ability to create it, from the U of NC lab, via large research grants, in return for allowing China’s top bioweapons scientist from the Wuhan BSL-4 lab to participate in the development of the deadly virus at the U of NC. In effect, it appears that China “bought” the virus from a US lab, and it escaped the Wuhan lab, the only BSL-4 lab in China.

    This may all be tinfoil hat stuff, and the interview was with Alex Jones on InfoWars.com, who is somewhat of a wild man, but Jones has often turned out to be right on “wild” claims, just a few months early. You can judge for yourself whether Professor Boyle is credible, at:


    Boyle has often been called on in the past to appear as an expert on biological warfare on the various TV networks, but he says they are all banning him with respect to the current outbreak. (Which would not be surprising, considering the explosive claims he is making.)

  8. That the usd is strong is a consequence of p.e. the mistrust into EU’s financial policy (Deutsche Bank)and the idiotic policy of a climate neutral society. Not doing anything against polution like cleaning up the environment, as usual, but demanding more ‘climate tax’ to produce climate neutral products as a mean to get wealthiness. CO2 isn’t a polluter except when one wants to get a lot of fee, neither does it cause upwarming as p.e. Nikolov showed. Neither is nitrogen a polluter as a cause of industrialization like farming, the dutch have to believe that by their High Court. As if nature can’t handle the cow’s shit and pee. Too much nitrogen to stimulate plant growth makes vegetables inedible, it smells than as shit. Now, people are forced to behave themselves according to the will of the democratic government in allmost any area of life supported by scientists. Despite all that, the winter was up to now, mild just like a decade or two before.

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