A Great Plains cyclone of historic proportions

About 1,100 motorists stranded across Colorado.


Nearly 3,100 flights were canceled over two days as a “bomb cyclone” unleashed blizzard conditions and hurricane-force winds across parts of the country.

The intense storm forced closure of all runways at Denver International Airport on Wednesday due to icy conditions and extremely poor visibility. Roads around the airport were also closed or blocked by traffic accidents for much of the day.

Wind gusts of 50 to 70 mph were expected through Thursday morning across Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Some areas braced for gusts as strong as 110 mph.

High winds knocked out power to 125,000 people, mostly in Colorado and Texas.

State offices were closed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, while South Dakota’s governor ordered state offices closed in 39 counties.

On Wednesday, 100 vehicles were involved in an accident on I-25 near Wellington, Colorado, according to Wellington Fire Protection.

The National Weather Service called it “a Great Plains cyclone of historic proportions.”


2 thoughts on “A Great Plains cyclone of historic proportions”

  1. what happened to snow being a thing of the past by now??
    No such thing! Blizzards and snow depths are increasing.

  2. “A Great Plains Cyclone”

    And two hundred years ago, without satellites, this would simply be bad, bad blizzard.

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