A lot of climate scientists finding the truth quite inconvenient

Feds scrapped 100 years of data on climate change

A lot of climate scientists finding the truth quite inconvenient

Ian Campbell

Al Gore told us about “An Inconvenient Truth”. It seems that a lot of climate scientists have been finding the truth quite inconvenient.

The accompanying article (“Feds scrapped 100 years of data on climate change”) describes how Canada’s federal environment ministry threw out all recorded temperature data from prior to 1950. Their argument was that the measurements weren’t up to modern techniques. I suspect that it had a lot more to do with the fact that the historical records made nonsense of their AGW claims.

The article begins:
“Canadians already suspicious of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax are likely be even more suspicious given a report by Ottawa-based Blacklock’s Reporter that Environment Canada omitted a century’s worth of observed weather data in developing its computer models on the impacts of climate change.”



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    • The data has not been erased. They just decided to not include it in their calculations. It remains publicly available and you can easily access it on the internet.

  1. Quote –
    ” Their argument was that the measurements weren’t up to modern techniques.” This dealing with dismissing older readings. Oddly enough, temperatures in the 1950s wouldn’t have been up to “modern techniques, nor, for that matter, temperatures in the 1970s. I will admit that once you add whole numbers to numbers with 3 decimal places, you have lost the “purity” of the decimal numbers, but since anything over .1 is subject to question to start with due to potentially having its calibration not quite accurate anyway. And, by the way, I am not actually at all certain that there is a “standard” for .01 or .001 C or F to “calibrate against” to start with.

    Of course, one has to realize that “modern standards” is another way of saying “whatever we say it is.”

  2. Nothing surprising here – all “western” government meteorology agencies are doing the same thing.

    It is amazing that either the past continues to cool a hundred years after the event or there were simply no records kept at all.

    • I suspect the government chose 1950 as a start point because that was in the midst of the 1940’s-1970’s cool period. With fit the AGW narrative to have a cool year to start from.

      I recall Dr Tim Ball talking about the fact that the Hudson’s Bay Company kept very detailed weather records–apparently enough to fill a warehouse. Were these any less accurate than readings at today’s airports?

  3. From a scientific perspective it’s simply fraudulent to throw out data for any reason. Even if it is considered ‘wrong’ or suspect it still tells a story or at least part of it. In this case, throwing out historical data simply because it’s not up to modern standards and techniques is almost an oxymoron. How can it be? You don’t throw out historical data. You find a way to work with it, even if it can’t tell you as much as more modern techniques.

    And of course it gets far worse if by throwing it out you can convince yourself that it never happened…

  4. Now that we know that thermometers before 1950 were so inaccurate, at what temperature does water really boil and freeze? Does this mean my body temp is not 98.6F? Does Al Gore’s millions of degrees at the Earth’s core now become billions? Can absolute zero truly be zero? Think of the millions of medical records that will have to be corrected under threat of malpractice. Makes my hair hurt.

  5. so if the records from then are no good
    then anything they dig up thats old is also worthless?
    dont reckon the archeologists n others will be happy to hear all their old data and records are worthless etc etc

    it also makes all the old social/ tribal stories of anything much past your parents meaningless as well by those crap standards

    and i really pray the wayback machines and some seriously commited and HONEST people DO have the records theyre scrapping.

  6. Lately I have come across a lot of lies I cannot remember reading before. I’m told the medieval warm period was less warm than we thought, the grapes were poor quality and so was the wine. I think you should ask an alcoholic about wine cultivation because such a man has a passion which helps him pick up historical facts and snippets of information of interest.
    Then I read about the vikings leaving Greenland for economic reasons. They were no longer interested in hunting walruses for their ivory and trading the ivory as far as Arab lands. B…..cks! Men have always hunted elephants and other animals for sport, show or do they just have a passion for hunting? I believe mammoths and mastodons went extinct thanks to irresponsible hunters not climate change. But this rewriting of history is serious and it will be taught in school and the children will grow up with heads full of fake information. Feeling very bad about this.

    • Quote:
      ” I believe mammoths and mastodons went extinct thanks to irresponsible hunters not climate change.”

      Well you’re wrong or drunk or bouth;-)
      Today russkies are still mining for fossil mammoths tusks in northern Siberia islands.

  7. If you want to look up say Hitler online you will find most of the information and speeches taken down as hate speech. I was a child when I 1st watched television programs about the war and I was not the tiniest bit persuaded to Nazi causes. I just thought Hitler was mad and he lost the war anyway.
    A rewriting of history to fit current agendas is a very short sighted move and a very wrong approach to history. Only when we establish the truth about history, science, medicine, any subject, can we move forward.

  8. ” Their argument was that the measurements weren’t up to modern techniques.”

    INDEED – Their modern techniques have slipped quite bit…and now actually suck by comparison

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