A small victory for common sense

“Disappointing environment budget short on new funding for Australian renewables,” reads the title.

“The Australia Institute says the budget confirms the government’s commitment to fossil fuels with token support for green technologies.”

Richie Merzian, of the Australia Institute, said the budget “confirms the government’s commitment to fossil fuels with token support for renewables on the side”.

“It’s disappointing to see the renewable energy agencies and the CEFC (Clean Energy Finance Corporation) not coming out with significant increases. In the case of Arena it’s a decrease,” he said.

Is it really a victory? I’m not so sure. According to this article, the government plans to fund the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) for a further 10 years from 2022 at a total cost of $1.4bn.


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3 thoughts on “A small victory for common sense”

  1. Here’s the reality.

    The last Australian federal election was fought as the “Climate Change” one.
    The Labor party (equivalent to US Democrats) campaigned on the climate issue. According to the polls before the election the labor party would win by a landslide.

    The Liberals (Conservatives) took the “Unwinnable” election.
    So they have a mandate to fund reliable energy and are acting on it.

    The Guardian is just another of those parrot left wing media outlets who promote all the activist starry eyed doom reports.

  2. I don’t understand why they just don’t defund it altogether – after all renewables are so much cheaper than fossil fuels and this alone will push their uptake – RFLMAO !

  3. anytime they dont waste funds OR cut some its a good thing;-)
    fed is one thing
    state govts like SA nVic are still throwing wads of cash to green scammers some pollies are thicker than others.
    scomo should be round a while longer so by 2022 he might be cuttingmore one hopes
    IF? china does slowdown buying our coal we might be using more of that and our own nat gas at home
    all good if so


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