A taste of January in early November

By Tuesday, record cold is possible in the Northeast, Ohio Valley and portions of the South, with highs – highs! –  only into the 30s as far south as Alabama.

It could be the coldest Veterans Day on record in cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis, according to the Weather Channel.

“The National Weather Service is forecasting 170 potential daily record cold high temperatures Monday to Wednesday,” tweeted Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman. “A little taste of January in November.”

A cold front will plunge through the northern Plains and upper Midwest Sunday, then into the southern Plains and Ohio Valley, and through most of the East Coast and Deep South by Tuesday, the Weather Channel said.

In addition to the cold, snow may be also in the forecast for parts of the eastern and even southern USA by mid-week.

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2 thoughts on “A taste of January in early November”

  1. For the SE coast, Tuesday night yes. Not Monday night. Earlier an error was made on the article below from Accuweather. I call them InaccuWeather.

    The front clears the SE coast Tuesday night with lows lower 30’s Carolina coast and about upper 20’s to near 30 Wednesday night. Always confirm the forecasts from a private source with the NWS specific zone forecasts for your locale. (not the graphics)
    The local wind forecast also helps in knowing what the expected wind direction will be out to 5 days. If it’s southerly, like Monday night here, obviously it’ll be mild Tuesday morning.

    AccuWx said it was going to be teens and 20’s Tuesday morning for the Carolina coast – totally wrong on the timing there. The Weather channel is a horrible source too. Never go with them.

  2. High of 30F tomorrow with low of 14F tomorrow night .. for Nashville area !!! … THAT is cold for November. Brutally cold!

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