A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism

“If humans stopped all emissions of CO2 now, they would trash their entire economies and in the process kill billions of humans though economy collapse, famine, and war.”
– J.H. Walker

A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism

J.H. Walker

The real point the Warmists have missed is the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is dependent on how cold the oceans were 500 years ago and at the same time how warm the upper 200M of the tropical oceans are now.

CO2 levels are a lagging indicator of temperature and our Ocean currents can lag that change by as much as 500 years via the cold, deep, returning leg of the worlds Overturning current. Over 50 times the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is sequestrated in the deep oceans via being rained out over millions of years. Volcanic Co2 is released at high temperature and it quickly rises to the surface where it out gasses in company with the warm water column during its release.

CO2 commenced its measurable rise in late 1940s and observable during 1950. It is a scientific fact that a given 1LT of very cold, highly oxygenated water which is also high saturated with soluble CO2 takes 500 years to descend from the Ice edge of the high Arctic and move with the Overturning current at 1000M plus depths to the central Pacific upwelling regions and the high surface temperatures SSTs above 20C.

Cold carbonated soda POP contains masses of CO2, and on opening its container, soda POP at 20C is out gassed after 30 minutes.

The major portion of the Little Ice Age (LIA) commenced 575 years ago with the long Spoorer Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), soon followed by the equally long Maunder GSM. By my calcs, given the 500-year current gap, the CO2 outgassing covering the LIA period of 700 years should conclude by 2420. CO2 will continue to rise in the atmosphere during that long period of time.

If humans stopped all emissions of CO2 now, they would trash their entire economies and in the process kill billions of humans though economy collapse, famine, and war, all so the few can lord it over the 250 million survivors as they scavenge a living in the mega city metropolitan wrecks of this failed world.

A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism, a politically bankrupt UN’s attempt to create a socialist world government based on a fraudulent corruption of science, and a compliant cheer leading, left leaning, mass media giving propaganda opium to the people.

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  1. when those pushing agw dont walk the walk and go without all they want the rest of the world to?
    leading by example
    well, I dont think all that many will actually do as they say;-)

  2. Far more sensible to see higher seeohtwo as favourable conditions to regrow denuded forests. Warmer, wetter weather with more seeohtwo sounds very good growing conditions in general, even if a few pests do better in warmer climates.

    Instead of bemoaning mudslides in California, do something to bind that mud with plant roots!

  3. Discussion of science must continue I suppose. But the science is irrelevant either hot or cold. Never give up the power because power is life. The greens should be takendown only if for the insanity of their remedy.

  4. The last two paragraphs say it all. Warmists have missed no point at all, Mr. Walker. You have correctly analyzed the precise reason that the charade continues unabated by piling on gigatons of data proving CO2 is not the problem. You correctly came to the conclusion that this is about world domination by the few, and a very deep cut in human population. Destroying dependable energy and with it, civilization of the masses is the exact purpose of the scam.

  5. CO2 follows temperature with a 800 – 2,000 year lag, as CO2 is in equilibrium with ocean water which has high heat capacity. It takes a long time for ocean waters to warm when temperatures rise.

    Al Gore a politician presented this information backwards, he claimed CO2 was forcing temperature. He’s wrong, CO2 has little to no effect on earth thermodynamics, and anthropocentric caused CO2 (about 1-3%) is so low that the human effect is not even measurable.

    The reason why so many people became enamored by Global Warming was due to how upset everyone is about the trashing the planet. Seeing this potential problem, the owners of industries focused everyone’s attention on a red herring while they kept their system going.

    Unfortunately, CO2 is not the problem, and the real environmental problems like water pollution, habitat degradation, human population exponential growth are not addressed while everyone is focused on fighting imaginary runaway warming by CO2 – which is not even possible.

  6. Killing billions of humans is the goal of the so-called “elite” or illuminati or whatever the group of gangsters that currently has their claws on the levers of power calls themselves. We – the people who just want to live our lives in peace, succeed in our chosen professions, and enjoy life – are just bugs to be exterminated. The bizarre thing is they seem to take pleasure in playing this long game of deception and destroying humanity in slow motion. I think it excites them to corrupt truth and logic before burning it all down.

    • It is because “they” have been at this for centuries.

      The Aristocrats (Royalty) of the past, and the larger Merchant families saw that the future was “money”, rather then guns and “The Right of Kings”. The clarity of the Knight Templars and their “world bank” showed them the way.

      They hated Democracy, Magna Carta, and anything that took power from them. They united and began the central banks, first of Holland and then England…….and from there we see the results….The ruling financial powers needed the royalty to set it up, and the royalty needed the skill of the merchant families.

      Then all you have to do is buy up the newspapers, hire some nobody named Marx to write a pile of crap to sell the “workers”…..and then continue you plan of world domination.

      All of this is out there. None of this is a surprise to those who have done decades of research, like me.

  7. If CO2 were a problem one way to cut back on emissions is to strip women of their drivers licenses and leave the driving to men.
    Fuel consumption would go down and issues related to traffic and insurance cost and hazard would change for the better.

    • I think Steven both my Daughters would disagree with you, although one is as lead footed as me, the other is less so.
      Both then again all thre of us drive low weight cars/SUV which are capble of 50MPG in the most lead footed driving manner.

      The real saving is cruise control, and buying vechicle which is sized for the purpose, and not a marketing fad of a cross country 4X4 tank being used for the 2KM school run when walking would have better for the parent and children, to burn off those excess fat inches.

  8. You will submit to the NWO Borg Collective where murdering white men is legal and being a Climate Change Denier is punishable by death. Submit to the state, or die. Resistance is futile.

    It’s about exterminating 90% of human population and political power/terrorism. That’s all.


  10. Has anyone bothered to look at the levels of methane ( a far more significant threat than CO2) in the atmosphere? I agree that the crisis has been used to push a political agenda, but we still have one. It is not being caused by human activity – it is a by-product of the interaction between the Sun and large levels of He3 within the Solar System. All the atmospheres of the planets have been affected. He3 is colliding with the Sun’s radiation causing increases in it’s luminence. Those atomic collisions are producing gamma rays within Earth’s atmosphere.

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