A White Christmas for Australia?

“It is now the third day of Summer in Australia. Here in Melbourne, it is bitterly cold and they say we could be headed for a White Christmas.”

Melbourne is on the cusp of the coldest December day since 2006 – less than two weeks after boiling through the equal-hottest November day this century.

The city is forecast for only 15 on Monday, as a series of cold fronts continue to push frigid air from the Southern Ocean.

If the forecast pans out, it’ll be the coldest December day since Christmas Day in 2006, when it peaked at 14.5 degrees and actually snowed.

The unseasonal chill has brought significant dumps of snow across the Victorian Alps and falls as low as Mount William in the Grampians.

Snow resorts are reporting heavy dumps over the weekend. At Mount Hotham, there were 25 cm on the ground on Monday morning, with more snow expected throughout the day. Falls Creek recorded up to 20 cm and Mount Buller saw 18.

“It’s not a December record but there are certainly temperatures well below average,” said Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Michael Efron.

A White Christmas? Summer Chill Brings Second Day Of Snow To Australia

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16 thoughts on “A White Christmas for Australia?”

  1. Correct. I live in Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state. We have had no Spring this year at all with Winter conditions going right through till December. Endless cloud cover, cold, freezing winds, snow, and hail are still with us. In Summer.

    • and yet?
      theyre saying theyre going to hit you with water restrictions due to low reservoirs n drought
      tonight i see 57mm rain in the top west and decent falls elesewhere .
      guess your eastcoast misses out if they cloudseed the west as well? for the hydro

      • giday Laurel the eastern part of Australia from Queensland too Victoria is in the worst drought since records started we have bushfires burning all the way from Queensland NSW to victoria if we dont get rain very soon most the national parks will be burnt out . the rain clouds you can see are not rain clouds it is smoke from the fires . have a look at RFS fires near me i have been a fire fighter for 60 years never seen fires like we are having

  2. People here in Australia that I talk to will have forgotten by now how I warned that this was coming. This will be a rude awakening for them I think. Australia is very climatologically politically correct. They may have to rethink that.

    • yeah I keep telling em a low solar cycle isnt going to be fun.
      temps here for the week are rather cool sunday might make 35 but every other days been under 25 most at 20 .
      Bom in my areas screwing up the rainfall so badly its utterly useless but most people here have personal raingauges so we know how big their lies are;-))

  3. What happened to children not seeing snow ever again in winter?? Mind you, this is summer down under!!

      • I am a bit older and have seen snow many times in the Orange Bathurst area, and many more on the Blue Mountains down to 2500ft (800m). And when living in Tasmania had inches of snow all the way down to the Derwent River.

  4. You are correct the wont see snow ever again in Winter it will be too cold. Children will see snow in Summer now too.

  5. Just as the Ozzies are experiencing snow in summer we can expect snow next summer in the northern hemisphere.

  6. Do they play the same songs in the shopping Malls at Xmas time as they do in Britain and America? I always thought it odd if Xmas cards full of Santa and snow sold, were out of place in Australia. I would send a nice card of a roo and her baby joey or perhaps Ayer’s Rock if I lived Down Under. Then I’d go to Sydney Opera House dressed in a T shirt and shorts or even go Xmas surfing. Not sure how expensive the whisky is but Merry Xmas everybody !

  7. Yes, cold where I am, heatwave in Perth, widespread drought and the worst fire season extending from winter to early Summer. How very confusing for the global temperature which is of course the same today as it was yesterday.

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