A White Christmas in Turkey

Roads closed after heavy snowfall in Turkey (with video)

Wednesday December 26, 2018. Due to intense snowfall, Kahramanmaras-Kayseri highway Göksun district and Sarız region is closed. Vehicles are not allowed without chains and tow ropes.. Highway crews are working to try to keep the highway open.


A White Christmas in Istanbul

Snowfall in Istanbul began early in the morning all around the city. On the Anatolian side, especially in Üsküdar, Ümraniye, Beykoz, Maltepe and Kartal, in the European side. Snowfall was seen in many districts, especially Zeytinburnu, Gaziosmanpaşa, Eyüp and Bahçelievler.


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  1. Not sure how frequently this has occurred in the past. If it is an infrequent event, it would be interesting if anyone would study whether massive dam building in Turkey is behind the increased snowfall totals. Somehow, it seems absurd to blame global warming for changes in precipitation in the region when there could be a direct cause, i.e., Turkish dams, of changes in precipitation.

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