At least 8 deaths blamed on record-breaking cold

Record-low temperatures from Texas to Maine. Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan set records not only for the day, but for the entire month of November, according to forecasters.

At least eight deaths have been blamed on a record-breaking cold spell that still had its grip on much of the country Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service said the cold front brought a level of intensity not seen since 1911, more than 100 years ago.

Both Birmingham, Alabama, and Greenville, Mississippi, shattered record daily lows on Wednesday by about 5 degrees.

Temperatures from the Plains to the East Coast plummeted to the teens and 20s.

Snow and ice conditions usually more common in the winter months

Meanwhile, parts of the Midwest and the Northeast reported dangerous snow and ice conditions usually more common in the winter months. ast-8-deaths/ar-BBWHUVA

6 thoughts on “At least 8 deaths blamed on record-breaking cold”

  1. …. and since record cold is caused by Global Warming, then these deaths can be recorded as ’caused by AGW”.
    This is why we cannot trust gov’t stats.

  2. checked temps on nullschool map
    was pretty amazed at cold temps AND the massive area this cold is spreading to
    even Cali coastisnt real warm
    prob good for their firefighters at least
    gives them some relief

  3. Yep, in Southern California it’s at least 10 degrees cooler than normal. Also, we are getting more rain and more clouds in the sky. Our typical sky is just boring pale blue but not anymore!

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