Abandoned in the middle of a blizzard … police found her body

Bulgarian police reported finding the body of a Somali immigrant in Mount Stranja near the Turkish border.

3 Jan 2017 – The young woman was in a group of about 30 illegal immigrants caught by police about 40 km from the border. Police learned during interrogation that the group abandoned the woman amid a blizzard.

The body of migratory Monday, noting that temperatures at night temperatures fell to more than ten degrees below zero.



Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

2 thoughts on “Abandoned in the middle of a blizzard … police found her body

  1. not being able to actually read turkish..I just have to guess she was one of a few or the only/ woman
    and seen as lowvalue and so abandoned?
    anyone actually knows different then post it.

    • Yeah my thoughts exactly. Very sad that she wasn’t valuable enough to them to protect.
      Western woman not in protest of globalist immigration policies are lemmings and cult members, not recognizing their misogynist and manipulating masters inside of the deep state and the white house.

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