ABC’s News Director Calls for ‘Cleansing the Movement’ Trump Commands

Are you one of the “tens of thousands” already targeted for removal?

As the purge of the President across all platforms on the internet – from social media to hosting and commerce platforms – continues, ABC News Director, Rick Klein, tweeted out that getting rid of a sitting president was the “easy part,” says this article on The hard part, said Klein, was “cleansing the movement he commands.”

The so-called purge has already “grown to include the removal of tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter accounts of the President’s most ardent supporters.”

“The social media purge – along with the denial of service to President Trump,” the article continues, “has disrupted a sitting president’s ability to directly communicate with a significant portion of the American people leading to question of constitutionality where that service denial is concerned.”

I wonder. Will the purge extend to all of the close to 75 million people who voted for Trump? I certainly hope you stop watching ABC news.

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  1. Robert, seriously, and all joking aside: your blog (here) is a small thorn-in-the-side of the Socialist Globalist establishment – they’re likely to try and remove it. I hope you’ve got it backed up, but have you thought about what happens when (no longer if) the Socialist Globalists remove it?

    • In-as-much as I don’t buy into any part of their global warming narrative, I’m probably already toast anyway.

      • On MeWe. It’s not easy like FB but then again they’ve not been online for ten years either. On Parler since early November. Amazon pulled the servers from Parler so they’re scrambling to get back online. Gab has increased traffic so much that their servers are struggling to keep up. Gab has been very difficult to log on to.
        Our ability to communicate has been severely hindered, at least for now.

  2. curious they never saw the need to remove the pro hillary toward trump abuse thats been going since she lost, isnt it?
    your abc is as biased and warped as aussies abc it seems

  3. The left is attempting to control the conversation and, thus, do what Saul Alinsky said in “Rules for Radicals.” The attack on the Capital last week was a prime example of Alinsky’s “where there is no crisis, create one” and that is exactly what ANTIFA did. And that is being used as the “justification” for shutting down all conservatives along with Trump and his supporters.

  4. I wonder. Will the purge extend to all of the close to 75 million people who voted for Trump? I certainly hope you stop watching ABC news. – article

    Considering that I do NOT have a TV, do NOT want one, and that the only TV station I can stand at all is barely tolerable but online a lot and mostly deals with local and state news, I can happily say that I have not watched ABC or any of the other “news” stations is several years. Nor do I feel behind the times at all.

    • yup
      threw the tv the vid and the vidiot partener out in 92
      never been happier OR better informed
      and zero antisocial media
      makes me laugh when i ask didya hear?
      and they know zero cos f-u- overbook
      doesnt really “do” news at all
      bad news when the didya hear is about a local fire or other emergency

  5. Whatever happened to free speech. Oh wait. That only applies to the politically correct who observe the ruling dictates of the socialist overlords.

    There is only one political sin: independence; and only one political virtue: obedience. To put it differently, there is only one offense against authority: self-control; and only one obeisance to it: submission to control by authority. Thomas Szasz (“Friedman & Szasz on Liberty and Drugs, The Drug Policy Foundation Press, 1992)

    “’Tis an old stratagem to call oppression law, and resistance to oppression lawlessness.”
    E. M. Rhodes

  6. I’m posting on It’s not what the leftists say it is. Based on what I’ve read here, you guys, and Robert, would be welcomed there.

  7. Most of us own several firearms. Many of us do not fear death and are not going to bow to Marxists. Any purging will result in the worst Civil War ever seen.

    • “Only the dead have seen the end of the war”
      They’ve uncloaked and we can see who and what they are this time. This mostly self-selective/destructive purge may also have a self-righting component, protect your castle. We’re all “Brothers In Arms” Comrade, whatever it takes. This too will pass to become a faint memory, of a bad dream, we had a long time ago. Cheers.

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