Abnormal cold in Europe – Cold records shattered in Ukraine

Arctic air continues in Western Europe. Temps as much as 17 degrees below normal.
Anomalously cold weather has set in the south of the Scandinavian Peninsula and Central Europe. Over the past day, the average temperature has been 8-12 degrees C below normal. In the morning was -20°C, while the cold intensified in the north-east of Romania. In Poland, temperatures fell to -24°C, and in Bulgaria -26°C.

The Arctic cold has spread to the entire Ukraine, but the strongest colds are in its western regions where the average daily temperature lags behind the norm by 13-17 degrees.

On March 2 in a number of cities, the temperature set new low cold records: Lviv, with -20.9°C, leaving behind a record -16.9°C set 2011; Chernivtsi, with -21.7°C, breaking the -17.2°C set in 1963 and Ivano-Frankivsk with -26.1°C, breaking the old record of -18.0°C set in 2005.


-A large area covered in snow for March.

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  1. and ukies still havent paid the russians for the prior debts for gas
    i gather theyve been cut off or severely reduced supply
    bet the ones who should have paid the bills are warm though..as well as mysteriously well funded

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