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Robert W. Felix, author of Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, attended the University of Minnesota School of Architecture in the mid-1960s.

Upon graduation he traveled throughout the U.S. working with architects and builders from Florida to Colorado to Alaska. In the early 1970s he settled in Tucson, where he designed and built more than 300 custom homes and small office buildings.

In the early 1990s, drawn by a different passion, he signed up for further studies at the University of Washington. He spent the next eight years, full-time, researching and writing about the coming ice age.

Felix is not affiliated with any university, scientific establishment, or corporation, and therein lies his strength. Untainted by institutional bias or conventional wisdom this architect turned author brings fresh insight to the study of the ice ages.

Felix began publishing iceagenow.com in 1997. It took six years to get the first 60,000 hits. Now the website gets 60,000 hits every two weeks.

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  1. Dear Felix,
    I LOVE your work. Thank you so much.
    I have been reading your website(s) since late 2000. I would like to purchase your books. The problem is I will only use PAYPAL for my credit transactions on the web.
    Do you use PAYPAL? I did not see the logo under Donate.
    Most Sincerely, Barbara
    PS: Are you aware of John L Casey’s work on http://www.spaceandscience.net/id69.html ? Any comments?

    • hi Barbara, Yes, I do take PayPal. And yes, I am aware of John Casey. If you search for his name on this website, you will find many references to him. Thanks.

  2. Like reading your blog.
    Wondering if you have read P Ward and Kirschvink’s new book A New History of Earth.
    Ward has this theory that high O2 and low CO2 go in tandem to change the earth’s species. As to why I suspect the heated core/mantle layer. Vital Vastness author says fission reactor there. nuclearplanet.com author Dr Herndnon says reactor there. My theory is that radioactive gases build up and ‘blow out’ in proportion to solar energy build up in the mantle/core.
    V.V. author M Paschinyk says magnetic polar reversal sometimes stops and produces monopole within in 30-40 degrees N & S of equator which gives geologic impression of polar wandering but not so.

    Ms Kate Sisco

  3. Coal for the most part, was a source of fuel, both prior to the Industrial Revolution and for a major period of time following it. Does your data and evidence support any findings on its overall effects on the climate?
    PS: Haven’t heard you on Coast To Coast AM in a while.

  4. Robert-Although I do not have a degree in anything but the school of hardknocks; common sense has always ruled for me. And what you have written is simple, basic and totally understandable. I just gave your book -Not by Fire but By Ice to my bank teller after a conversation which told me she was doubtful about “climate change”.The whole premise about the coming cold is so simple to me that I can explain it to anyone and frequently do.The sun cycle-underwater volcanoes-magnetic reversal and what that can entail-the weakening of the suns geomagnetic effect on the earths geomagnetic field which can exacerbate volcanism and earthquakes.Very warm oceans with cold atmosphere promoting massive snowstorms due to the volcanic activity on the continents.Maunder or Dalton minimum or full fledged ice age-we shall see very soon I think.Thanks Robert for the heads up-I am prepared.

  5. That comment is blatantly false. I think if he said that, he really meant something else. Humans produce maybe 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere in a given year if we are lucky. Personally I think it is much less because we are not aware of all the carbon sink and release mechanisms on this planet – and the estimate comes from a few decades ago, and AGW alarmists tend to exaggerate everything. For perspective, note that one moderate volcanic eruption will put more CO2 in the air in a year than all of humanity. Just a slight increase in Mid-Atlantic ridge activity (a several thousand mile chain of volcanoes) would dwarf anything we could do.

    The AGW crowd blames humans for producing this “extra 3%” which cumulatively is adding to the atmospheric CO2. As the earth warms though, from coming out of mini ice ages and glacial periods, CO2 tends to increase in the atmosphere anyway, due to mechanisms we do not understand yet. Who knows how much of this 400ppm vs 300ppm is really from humans and what part is natural because the earth is naturally warming.

  6. Listening to Coast to Coast am this week you said carbon emissions were actually a good thing- plant food. We in Canada have an imbecile at the helm ( PM Trudeau )who is taxing us to death on carbon emissions. Can you help me put forth a valid argument against this insanity considering Canada emits less than 4% of total emissions?

  7. Hi there I’ve just watched freedom slips with you and diamond I’ve been following David for a while. What is the best way to keep updated with your work. Afraid I’m not computer clever. Utube is my main platform. If you can help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Watching the East Coast weather reports and the snow fall here in Pac NW and re-reading Not by Fire but by Ice. Your books are truly eye-opening and it is not a very pleasant experience. Love your writing. Do you ever give lectures or seminars?

  9. I tried to find your Face book page it was gone! Then I tried to find your book, “Not by Fire but by Ice” on Amazon Prime, which was going for $200+ – 100. I then went to Ebay and the best price for the book was $83. I chewed out for taking down site, you must be causing quite a stir, good, they need a swift kick. I don’t know if you remember me but I contacted you about how the Bible and you agree about what will happen in the future. I finished the book after writing it, for 16 years, about my findings and mention you within its pages. I have a website but more info on my FB page.


  10. Hi Robert – Are you behind on printings of the Magnetic Reversals book? I ordered in 1/28/21 and my order history still shows ‘processing’. Thanks!

    • Whoa!! I’m so sorry. For some reason PayPal did not notify me of your purchase. I just looked at my account, and there it is. I have mailed the book today. I will email you privately with your USPS tracking number.


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