Author honored by Prentice Hall

28 Aug 08 – Prentice Hall has included an entire chapter from Not by Fire but by Ice in their college-level textbook The Millennium Reader (5th edition).

The Millennium Reader

With the publication of his chapter “Fatal Flaw,” author Robert W. Felix joins such luminaries as Charles Darwin, Alice Walker, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Maya Angelou, Aldous Huxley and Walt Whitman.

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7 thoughts on “Author honored by Prentice Hall”

  1. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for you insight into the truth.

    Is it possible to help the American people and specifically the American Congress defend itself from the onslaught from the Obama/Gore Administration with its Global Change agenda?
    Will you stand up and help protect the American citizens from this lie?

    Will Robert go to Washington?

    We need you more than you know to tell America the truth.

    Francis Minor

    1. Go to Washington? Good Lord no. Sitting in those boring meetings day after day after after day after interminable day? Arrrrrrrrg!!!!

  2. I’ve had my family read your book to convince them of the truth.
    Now you’re going to convince the world.
    I hope your ready, Robert?

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