Accelerating toward cold


Here is the Northern Hemisphere reconstruction Holocene temperature profile.

A detailed map of Holocene cooling shows acceleration toward cold.

Any warming we are lucky enough to receive should be welcomed with open arms.

Thanks to Yukion Jack for this graph

6 thoughts on “Accelerating toward cold”

  1. around an hr ago we have abc aus radio announcing the climate scientist(scuse me whil i gag) state thats its worse than ever and its not been this HOT in the last 2k yrears shock horror
    of course the ass end of the ice age then didnt figure in the stupid announcers brain, shes a talking head muppet.
    sadly so are the main listening audience
    i listen to know what craps being spread and ditto email subs to greep*ss avaaz and get up.
    you cant fight back if you dont know what ammo to use;-)

  2. I lived in Atlanta GA area for 30 plus years and I can tell you that summers here are very hot and very humid. Hi 90 is the norm and once in a while 100+. I never believed that I will ever say how pleasant the weather in Atlanta can be at the end of July. Now temperatures are mid to high 80’s with very LOW humidity. The says for today: “@ 4 pm sunny, 84F , 38% humidity. Can it be any better? Probably some changes in the jet stream…. Only worry I have is that looks too much like the end of September for this area.

  3. Can anyone tell me where these figures come from?
    Understand that we need to see the bigger picture when it comes to temperature records, but are these numbers accurate? how is this proved? Accurate temperatures to fractions of a degree C from thousands of years ago?
    Seeing as there are massive arguments over today’s records going back just a few decades – not withstanding fiddling from either side… is it possible to produce a graph like this that is in anyway accurate?

  4. I saw a video on how a glacier was inexplicably both growing and advancing in Greenland. This was the lamestream media mind ya and they went on about how scientists could not explain why this was happening. But much to my non-surprise, there was a video right after it (and I mean within about one second) about how the the weather is hotter now that its ever been or some such nonsense. That next convenient video quickly following afterward was planned, I’m sure.

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