‘Act with necessary force,’ says Greta

Chilling words from snarky teen activist turned climate change icon Greta Thunberg.

The Black Lives Matter protests and success of the ‘corona crisis’ lockdown across the world provide a blueprint for the climate change fight, Greta believes. They show the ‘necessary force’ people need to use when fighting global warming,

Admitting that a “green recovery plan” from the government is not enough to solve the problem — Thunberg now says climate change should be treated with the same weight as the Black Lives Matter movement and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It shows that in a crisis, you act, and you act with necessary force,” she said of the current events. “Suddenly people in power are saying they will do whatever it takes since you cannot put a price on human life.”


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30 thoughts on “‘Act with necessary force,’ says Greta”

  1. Sadly, she is just representative of the dumbing down, brainwashing that has occurred for generations now! Just look at the average age of those rioting, looting, burning, the anarchists, marxists. They are mostly millennials or Z’er’s.

  2. Accept that you need to fight back. The struggle for everyone. Is the struggle for power. These doctrines like global warming are just talking points in the sales pitch for control.

    The government shows it’s illegitimacy every day. Refuse it’s authority. Create a local currency and a shadow state among those of like mind. Organize. You cannot run from this.

  3. This one might get her in serious trouble!

    In most countries in the west agitating for riots is now punishable with a prison sentence.

    At least, we can hope…….

  4. Joan of Arc was a mentally ill child, too. She was used by others to cause enormous trouble.

      • Not funny.
        Think how she suffered.
        Then you’ll reply she caused the death of hundredths of soldiers…

  5. Greta is fraud anyway and now she condones violence. I bet you she does not condone free speech.

  6. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and there are a whole lot of Americans tired of having the freedoms usurped by tyrannical governments and business looted and burned by criminals masquerading as protesters.

  7. Is someone putting words in this child’s mouth?

    It seems like there isn’t even any pretense anymore. Destruction of free and democratic societies is the ultimate objective.

  8. that girl needed some appropriate force applied to her backsidewhen younger
    now Id be slapping her face
    shes absolutely clueless, thats the autistic spectrum effect
    the price on human lives from the covid and riots , is massive already
    and ongoing cascades
    this daft bint thinks throwing more fuel onto the fires is a good idea?
    already food supplies are under pressure as is medications housing, employment growing as is poverty in 1st world 3rd world will be even worse.
    small relief as you moveinto warm weather but as cooler weather returns farmers gone broke , no jobs coming back in places that got trashed etc unreliable green scams etc its going to be damned hard to cope withthe massive changes.
    if the bidet group get in?
    with their agw gnd and berely lucid limpbrained leader, god help the usa.

  9. Yeah right. The ‘necessary force’ she’s so fond of is not so pleasant for her when other people opposing this stupidity use the same “‘necessary force” against her and all of the other global warming… oops I mean climate change idiots.

  10. Who defines what is “necessary?” Who is judge, jury and enforcement wing of this opinion? Glib words, repeatedly parroting on side’s views and throwing away all rational thought. Sounds rather childish, doesn’t it?

  11. Don’t they have child welfare laws in Europe? Someone needs to take her parents to court and rest control from them.

  12. This is appropriate. Both the BLM movement and the Climate movement are faces of the global communist. THey are now uniting. We are going to have a rough road to hoe, any way you look at it.

  13. Necessary force will be met with necessary force ( And possibly unnecessary force). The people of the world have grown weary of being caged and having their freedoms taken away ( All for their own good of course). Corona has shown this in countless countries.

  14. Do Greta’s parents not realize that adults look at Greta as a mentally challenged, relatively uneducated 17 year old. They should be ashamed of themselves for using this unfortunate little girl as a pawn for the advancement of their green follies.

    • they do, re education camps or death was one professorswish.
      because we skeptics could ruin their global takeover if we are allowedto be seen or heard
      hence gurgles algos f you overbooks censorship and youtube pulldown and warning tabs on what gets left up

  15. Necessary force can be applied to darling Greta too.

    She acts as if she is in power, not realising she is an insignificant Aspie kid with pushy parents.

  16. “The success of the ‘corona crisis’ lockdown across the world provides a blueprint for the climate change fight, Greta believes.”

    The lockdown a success ? Only Trump and Greta can believe it !

  17. Can we deport this brat to Antarctica with no shoes, so she can see first hand that the ice is not melting?

  18. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction Greta ole’ gal.

    It would be wise to remember that.

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