Activity increasing at Bárðarbunga

Over the past few months, seismic activity at Bárðarbunga Volcano (in Central Iceland) has been increasing, mainly under the volcano’s large, ice-covered caldera.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 300 shallow earthquakes of magnitudes up to 3.8 on the Richter scale were recorded near the southern and northeastern caldera rim.

The volcano continues to inflate at the depth of 15 – 10 km, says Jón Frímann website. Earthquake activity continues to increase, with regular earthquake swarms with magnitude of 3,0 – 3,5.

This suggests magma might be filling the volcano’s reservoir underneath the caldera.

Thanks to William Dugan for this info

3 thoughts on “Activity increasing at Bárðarbunga”

  1. Considering the mantle plume and rift fault that feeds every volcano on the island it is not surprising that the Bardarbunga magma chamber could be refilling. What is surprising under the circumstances is that there isn’t more volcanic activity on the island.

  2. discharge/refill in action..
    so we could see another “event”
    I know its not nice for the icelanders..but then maybe the increased tourism is welcomed?

  3. Thank you Robert Felix people have right to know about Bardarbunga what makes this more interesting is this time it’s in the Caldera it’s something I’ve continue to monitor through volcano discovery carefully watch the earthquake plot’s also from Icelandic Met Office once again thank you Robert Felix. Oh one more thing USGS is not reporting a increase magma intrusions in long valley super volcano and at Yellowstone my good friend Mary Greeley on her great YouTube channel it’s disturbing and worrying

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