Advancing snow and cold in South America

The cold comes unusually very early. Also, more than 1½ (4 ft) meters of snow.

27 Apr 2016 – It is unusual cold for its earliness, and residents and tourists are stranded by a blizzard on the northern area of the Province of Patagonia Neuquen, Argentina.

‘It dropped over a meter and a half of fresh snow, and the snow is entirely new, as the first snowfalls usually occur in May, and it is the first time in 50 years that such an event occurs.

The cold air mass will move northward, and the risk of early frost will be present by Saturday in southern Brazil and Uruguay. This is really unusual for this month, with temperatures that can reach 5-6 ° C below zero!

See photos:

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5 thoughts on “Advancing snow and cold in South America”

  1. Hmm. Patagonia lies between 40 degrees and 55 degrees south latitude. Comparable latitudes in North America would be roughly between the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay. Seasonally speaking, the time of the year is comparable to late October in North America. The region is fairly mountainous along the western edge, but most of it tends to be dry due to the Andean Cordillera blocking moisture from the Pacific. Heavy snow there would not be unheard of, but probably is fairly rare most of the year due to the fact that it is arid, not because it isn’t cold enough. I’m not sure of the significance here.

    • I agree, one might expect snows in Patagonia about now but it is the pattern of weather that is more instructive.
      Sometimes the jet-stream maps help explain the weather.

      A meandering jet might bring cold Antarctic air N into contact with mild moist air and whatever kicks the S Polar jet is also kicking the N jet.

      Looks like something from the solar system knocks our atmospheric circulation occasionally.

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