Aerial video of Iceland eruption

Aerial video of Iceland eruption

29 Aug 14 – “First aerial footage of the fissure eruption!” says reader Don Brown. Also great photos.

Iceland fissure eruption - 29 Aug 2014
Iceland fissure eruption – 29 Aug 2014 – Screenshot from


The fissure is thought to be about 1 mile long and runs northeast / southwest. The lava is thin and fast flowing southeast. This is the fissure eruption, which appears to be available as a multi-called dynamic operation of Dyngjujökli towards the caldera.

The fissure is about five miles from the glacier and the longest lava flow is about 500 meters.

Eruption struck around midnight. Activity increased during the first two hours and then decreased it.

Omar Ragnarsson, who flew over the eruption this morning, described the eruption site as an extremely beautiful art gallery of nature created in just one nigh. “We are using this as pottery of all sorts of shapes and sizes,” said Ragnarsson. “Great creativity. If it is possible to speak of ferðamannagos it is this. “‘

The restricted area around the volcano has been reduced from ten to three nautical miles, according to the Transport Office. The area extends 5,000 feet above the ground and within it all air traffic is prohibited other than scientific Coast Guard aviation.

See great photos:

Thanks to Don Brown and Nevsky for this link

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    • they assumed..BAD thing for anyone in science of any field:-)
      and earth sciences especially.
      ma natures always doing the unexpected:-)

      and I see a few quakes over 3 and four and another 5+
      isnt over yet by a long shot I suspect

  1. Mark Nelson finally made mention of the warm SST’s going on over in the NE Pacific which has been going on since December of 2012 to some degree.

    Now the water temps are *boiling* for our area.

    Here is Mark Nelson’s post on why our summer has seem so Los Angeles like and I skipped to the explanation part.

    Here is the quote.

    “Much of the summer we’ve seen an upper-level ridge just to our west, out in the eastern Pacific. It’s quite similar to the pattern we’ve seen off/on for about 18 months, most likely related to the huge pool of above average ocean temps in the eastern Paciifc Ocean. With the ridge frequently in this position the past 2 months or so, we got weak onshore flow, but rarely get a hot thermal trough west of the Cascades. In fact only once between mid June and late August did we get gusty easterly wind in the Gorge, that was during the 99 degree event the 1st of July.

    Another effect of this pattern? It’s been consistently warm, with no prolonged periods of cooler than average temps, yet no heat waves. We did see 5 days at the end of July and early August with high temps between 89 and 92, but that barely qualifies as a heat wave here in Portland. Yes, I know it was hotter to our south and east, but I’m specifically talking about the Portland metro area.

    Did you notice we didn’t hit 100 this year? A little weird since it’ll be the 3rd warmest summer. That’s related to the lack of strong offshore flow at any point during the summer.

    And did you notice what was missing much of the summer? Morning low clouds. I noticed how many more days started sunny this July and August compared to the past few summers (I really liked that). The marine layer was often present, but very thin in the metro area. Just enough to keep us out of the “real hot” range and more in the “a little hot” range. I don’t really know what that means, but hopefully it makes sense.”
    End quote.

    He then goes on about how his blog got out of control with a bunch of posters screaming and making threats which he only noticed because all the news staff got emails about it.

    Usually it doesn’t get that severe but the bloggers are usually a bunch of babies that don’t handle anti liberal opinions very well. 😛

  2. Is someone going to take some gas and rock samples from the new lava to determine composition and amounts of gases dissolved in the new lava? How much fluoride and sulphur is in the lava being erupted?
    What is the potential for more fissures being opened up just like the Laki eruption of 1783-1784?

  3. This is what I found this morning.
    Sept 31, 2014
    BREAKING: Second Eruption Occurs in Icelandic Volcano

    Sept 29, 2014
    Aviation authorities on red alert for ash cloud after Iceland is forced to close airspace over Bardarbunga volcano

    Notice the cracks in the ground that extend beyond the location of the eruption in the 7th photograph from the top.

  4. I have been checking the various news reports for the last few days, and I sense a very volatile situation as the alerts keeping popping up and down like a toilet seat at a co-ed college residence during a drunken Friday night party.

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