AGW – An open fraud reaching for total power

“Poorly argued nonsense meant to justify dictatorship.”
– James Wood

AGW – An open fraud reaching for total power

James Wood

There is NO climate emergency. This is not a scientific question. The whole CO2, climate argument is a political scam of many decades duration to establish a global tyranny in the name of protecting the Earth. It is poorly argued nonsense meant to justify dictatorship. Until this is clearly understood there will be no real solution.

The governments of the Western world are thoroughly undemocratic even as they hide behind false machinery of democratic legitimacy. Until this is understood there can be no solution. However good the science in opposition may be, that science will be denied, ignored, mocked, sidetracked and excluded from consideration wherever possible. There is nothing here but a propaganda exercise which will be protected at all costs.

There is no science here, but only an open fraud reaching for total power counting on the ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity of the relevant populations. May it fail. The governments involved should fall, collapse, for perpetrating a major and destructive hoax on the world. Senior governmental personnel, elected and administrative, should go to jail for this fraud. Until this can be grasped we will be awash in pseudo-scientific gibberish.

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  1. Three succcinct paragraphs, explaining what is being done to us, and why, and I couldn’t say it better, and quite possibly not even as well. Great post, JW!

  2. As it is now, the bulk of the citizens of Earth, including not just a small percentage of even America’s once v.comfortable Middle Class is facing a downward sliding trend re: Standard of Living..

    POINT? Citizens do not need anymore crippling taxation which squeezes their waistbands even further..

    AND? CO2 BS Aside, it’s the Gov’t’s themselves – and the Industries whom they’re dependent upon – along with major businesses .. which by far burn up the vast bulk of fossil fuel..

    So.. Why even peddle and enforce laws which merely make the poor poorer? Why not TAX only the Gov’t’s themselves?

    Answer – In addition to Geo-Political attempts by some Big Boys to cripple the Economies of its enemies via choking Industrialization, etc., Even without ICE AGE demolishing Food Production, Forced Hunger from lack of dough to purchase food – creates an easily controlled and corralled bunch of powerless slave-like proles.


  3. “AGW – An open fraud reaching for total power”

    That is exactly what the political ,religious and racial agenda I mentioned a day ago is all about. It has nothing to do with what is good for European humanity or Christianity. It is about what is good for a select group of globalist oligarchs and heretics who want absolute supremacy and the end of European humanity and Christianity and anyone who will not be their slaves.
    Getting people to believe what is not true and making them unprepared for what is coming is part of their population management strategy. Certain parts of the global population are too creative, unpredictable and independent to be kept around. They have to be gradual and they have to lie convincingly or people might wake up and shake off the effects of history’s greatest series of mind jobs and resist. We are literally up against the devil and his children…. Sermon over.

  4. What do you expect from governments owned by thieves? These idiots fawn over Zuckerberg, the acknowledged thief of the idea for “Facebook” from the Winklevoss Twins! They were paying him(Zucker-thief) to write code while he(Zucker-thief) applied for a patent(of Facebook) while being paid by the Winklevoss Twins!

    How can you trust any government agents that prostrate themselves to a acknowledged THIEF?
    These acknowledged “”experts”” will continue to pronounce “global warming”. “CO2 climate damage” to the environment as long as money flows into their pockets!

  5. The socalled nonbinding Paris Treaty was signed by european governments without consulting their population in a democratic way . Nowadays this globalistic statement , which is a pure power-grab by an upper-class represented in the UN burocracy is used by unelected judges here playing along with the upper-class to stifle the functioning of our societies . The most recent example is the nitrogen ruling of the Dutch High Court in accordance with burocratic EEC-rules that nitrogen is pollutant . Nitrogen represents 80% of our atmosphere .The absurdness here has no limits . And if they mean here its oxidates the government should say so and not mention nitrogen , whic is completely harlmless . By the way most of these oxidates are formed in thunderstorms and are a natural fertilizer for the earth and not gasses that hinder people to breath and cause thousands of deaths per year like the socialist progressives are so eager to mention , which are in fact pure propaganda . The UN , the EEC is falling for these lies.

    Let us hope some day commonsense will start to sink in into our societies.

    • Marxists and democrats are on the same team and run by the same oligarchs and secret societies… Money and power is their cup of tea. Their wine is the blood of mankind especially the European varieties. They certainly spilled plenty of it to stay in charge.

  6. James, I couldn’t agree more. Very well put and every intelligent, honorable, & decent person in America couldn’t agree with you more. Still, preaching to the choir won’t change anything and AGW adherents are not listening to us nor will they have anything to do with truth & reality. The AGW mob will never listen to us. They have a power-shifting agenda. The only outcome they want is confrontation. HARD-HEADED AGW myopic morons are mental midgets who want a nation killing confrontation; as ANTIFA (a “Brown-Shirt” military arm of the democratic party) actively pushes for physical confrontation! Who will start the event that culminates with their demise? They will start it. It will be their end. It’ll reach a head with President Trump’s re-election.

    James, a nation altering insurrection that the AGW knot heads want has no use for Jails, Laws, or Justice; Vietnam taught me that one. The process to perform justice is daunting and usually fruitless (I ask will Hillary ever feel handcuffs). Notions of justice sits on the sidelines during insurrections and only reappear long afterwards. The average American has no idea of the terrible consequences derived in that sort of environment. Only those who have served in a war zone and who have sworn a solemn oath (forever) to their nation know how they paid for their freedoms; most of the rest are free-riders and some of those take a knee.

    I’ll say what nobody else will; the U.S. Democrat Party and too many media & news outlets have been co-opted by leftist communist lunatics and turned into an intimidating criminal terrorist organization disguised as a political outfit with fake news cohorts. They exude dirty tricks & dirty behavior; dirt is their forte. When it finally ends, good riddance to AGW Communist idiots!

    As for the rest of us (those seen by democrats as the unwashed deplorable hobbledehoy of Middle America) we try to get along and eschew any sort of crazy conduct. We’re the sleeping GIANT you don’t wake! Ask WWII Japan and now Hillary about that one.

  7. I could not agree more with this statement. The concern for me is that when this fraud fails and those who have led the the fight the younger generation particularly, will rise up against the governments that have lied and a new political class will be established. So that’s when the problems will start and the only way for the old guard to maintain control is to manufacture a World war of sorts which is in in its early stages now with the trade wars we are seeing with China. I maybe very well wrong with that point, but I have little doubt my over all opinion is on the mark!

  8. 100% agree. Nothing more than a power grab. Traitorous at that. A reckoning is coming. When crops fail and famine starts these frauds will be exposed. Won’t be in the western world either…Always the most vulnerable suffer First Useful idiots … all of them.

  9. The bullies always use a long term scare tactic that needs immediate total commitment to a resolution.
    Of course,
    the only possible resolution includes relinquishing as much personal liberties as the bullies can get away with demanding.

    But the problem justifying the scare Never goes away unless they stop talking about it
    there never was a problem
    It was all a lie.

    In general, this is how all bullies seize control and even take over countries.
    And remember,
    The bully will always win as long as
    There are enough cowards who haven’t got the guts
    to oppose or stop them.

    The Germans could have stopped Hitler
    merely by
    walking away and laughing at him.

    Incredibly, none of them had the spine to do that.

    • A “nation of philosophers” (Germany) fell for fascism because they were manipulated into falsely seeing only 2 choices (sound familiar) by their “leaders” and press.

      Communism and Fascism were the 2 choices they were presented with. They had seen what communism had done for a decade plus and went with the devil they didn’t know.

  10. Dear Robert,
    It is just infuriating how the Global Warming camp can continue with such utter nonsense. The tragedy will be when the continents are buried in 3 miles of ice instead of the proposed heating up of the planet over the next 100 years. An honest person paying attention for a given period od time would most definitely come to the conclusion that the earth is NOT getting warmer – but colder – gradually. Most people seem to be so distracted by so many modern divices that they simply don’t register the very important events – such as an Ice-age is coming! God help us all when it does come!

    • Robert and Stephen the Global warming camp will still be spouting their nonsense as the ice sheets grow if those scoundrels are still around to plague us all. The amount of blood they will have on their hands between then and now will be beyond estimation if the past is repeated. If the truth can save lives then we must tell the truth and hope it is enough.

  11. [There is no science here, but only an open fraud reaching for total power counting on the ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity of the relevant populations.]
    and theyre created and KEPT that way BY the big 3 netizens as well as the presstitutes and talking heads and the school system

  12. I think there should be a Nuremberg style climate trial when the scam ends. After all, the alarmists wanted ‘non-believers’ to be dealt with.

    • Exactly my thought. Politicians, media bosses and journalists, false scientists deserve prosecution for pseudo-scientific fraud.

  13. We keep hearing this over and over.

    How about some practical solutions for reaching the general populace with this information?


    • Write a short text that disputes AGW in language that a 12 year-old would understand. Include a few links to skeptic websites. Make a stack of copies, and go out at night with a glue stick and post them at bus stops, playgrounds, near schools, intersection crossings, libraries, everywhere.

  14. Minus 20 C in the homeland of the Pope.
    Argentia, today, 17 hours ago: Under a blanket of snow, that’s how Valle del Cura dawned. The images were taken on the mining road where there is also a Gendarmerie post. A completely white landscape presented this Sunday in Valle del Cura, in the Church, more specifically in the Gendarmerie post, dependent on Squad 25. According to the National Meteorological Service, in the area the temperature dropped to -20ºC.
    While in the Great San Juan a maximum of 20 degrees was enjoyed, in the mining road that there is in that locality they suffered an intense cold below zero.
    In addition, gusts that reached 130 km / h were noticed. They indicated that the road will continue closed for approximately 3 days, due to the white wind in the Conconta area of ​​280 km / h.

  15. Long live George Orwell.

    Today we are at war with Eurasia, tomorrow Oceania.

    The truth is what we tell you, do as you are told, or we will have our jackboot on your face.

    The truth is the victim here.

  16. The pen is mightier than the sword.

    So hassle all your politicians at all levels, local, state and Federal.

    Plus do some minor preferring and be ready to share. Turn a foe into a friend/co-operator. Don’t buy the new iPhone or Android, but some minor prepping gear and bit.

    Example 300W solar cell and cheaper 150-200w ac inverter.

    Why, you can recharge very single cordless power tool battery you have and its like having hundreds of smaller rechargeables. Maybe on deep cycle gel battery, you have trickle charged too.,

    Recharge you neighbour power tool battery

    My Makita 18V , 5 amp give me 35 hours of some light on low with the LERD torch. So you have 2-3 of these and cold hits the UK this winter, better than candles.

    Go to Ikea or equivalent and buy a few hundred tea lights at next to no cost a few $ or pounds. Some light and heat. Makes a cup of tea or soup.

    So many simple things.

    Go to eBay and reusable emergency sleeping bags. Buy a few more to help people.

  17. I would love to see somebody to do a poll asking:

    “Do you think constitution is caused by a lack of fiber in the diet?”

    To up the fun even further, be sure to add: “Or is that just a conspiracy theory?”

  18. The problem here is that basic facts, not amenable to rational dispute, have been set out ad nauseum for thirty years. To reiterate:

    Cold, not heat, is by far the greater killer of humanity– low temperatures kill 20 times as many people as does warmth. … though moderate global warmth increases life spans, Earth remains colder-than-optimum for humanity, and most certainly will not self-correct.

    From mid-Pliocene times, Earth’s glacial cycle has averaged 102-kiloyears interspersed with median 12,250-year interstadial remissions such as the latest Holocene Interglacial Epoch. Since miles-thick continental glaciers, Würmian ice-sheets, blanketed Northern and Southern Hemispheres, astro-geophysical evidence –a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum from AD 1350 – 1420 coincident with Kamchatka’s strato-volcano Kambalny Eruption precipitating a 500-year Little Ice Age through 1850/1890– attests that the Holocene Interglacial ended in 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350 (Roman calendar, skewed by the 1,500-year Younger Dryas “cold shock” from 11,950 – 10,450 YBP).

    For scientifically falsifiable (Popperian) thinking on this record, as distinct from sociopathic Luddites’ Grand Theft bleats and squeaks, see Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark, Russia’s Valentina Zharkova, Australia’s Robert Holmes: Since sunspot activity governs the strength of solar magnetic fields (SMF), sunspot minima reduce SMF intensity. As fields diminish, Cosmic Rays penetrate Earth’s protective sheath to seed the planet’s global cloud cover. Combined with continental dispositions blocking global atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns by walling off Eastern from Western hemispheres, glaciers cumulate via long-term chill-and-overcast. On this empirical basis, Holmes’ Mean Molar Mass equation Temperature T = PM/Rp (qv) confirms no parts-per-million “carbon footprint” (CO2), refuting anthropogenic warming root-and-branch.

    Having ended the Holocene Interglacial some 670 years back, following a 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound Earth’s current 102-kiloyear post-Holocene chill-phase portends civilizational obliteration, a planetary hominid extinction event concomitant with 3.6-million years of plate-tectonic driven Ice Ages due to cycle forward for 12 – 16 million years at minimum. Pending a Super-Grand Solar Minimum through c. AD 2110, we note that the late 14th Century sunspot minimum, similar to that of 1645 – 1715, reduced Earth’s human population by two-thirds due to shortened growing seasons, crop failures, frigid winters inducing general famine and disease.

  19. Twenty million copies of the graph from this website of CO2 and temp over the last 600,000,000 years would be a good start. The graph clearly shows how low current CO2 levels and temperatures are. Anyone who believes in this cult of Climatology should have to explain, especially the steady decline in CO2 over last 150,000,000 years! There are a number of other graphs of the geologic data that would be extremely useful for teaching the uninformed. I wish I knew of a site where I could purchase a pack of such, hint, hint! I’d like a few dozen for my friends and family.

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