Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS, says Kerry

With nincompoops like this in charge, I fear for civilization itself.

“Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State,” says this article.

Kerry wants to phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) from basic household and commercial appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and inhalers.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is one of the U.S.’s lead negotiators in the discussions in Vienna, says The Washington Examiner. “She said Thursday that one of her goals is to move the HFC agreement into force by the end of the year.”

“The EPA’s rules, together with the negotiations in Vienna, are part of the president’s climate agenda for his final year in office.”

“This is one of the reasons Trump is getting so much support,” says

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37 thoughts on “Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS, says Kerry”

  1. That’s a load of BS. You take away air conditioning. Hundreds of the thousands people, including children will die from heat related deaths world wide. That’s like hating humanity. They created air conditioning to help cut down on heat related deaths.

    • Yes but millions of people will be killed if we don’t do something about …. well, apparently, air conditioners. And not just because my cousin’s nephew-in-law’s former roommate was killed by a suicide air conditioner, either.

      • Well then they should make air conditioners cleaner and more eco friendly so they don’t pollute the environment.

    • I think removing refrigerators might be more devastating than no aircon. it is not just storing food but medicines as well. Lack of 24/7 electricity to power refrigerators in developing countries is a major cause of deaths.

    • That may be the goal. To drive up the cost of air conditioning so only the rich can afford it. They are doing the same thing in other areas. I believe these elitists are bent on mass genocide to reduce the population. It may not be intentional. It took me a long time to accept that these people are as stupid as their behavior suggests.

      • Ever wonder where that “500,000,000” number came from, on those Georgia Guide stones?

        That’s the human population after the last few Grand Solar Minimums passed through.

        I am positive that the Global Elite’s plan is not just linked but fully married with the idea of an unprotected (unpowered) human population suffering through another LIA. Why kill people (and possibly face crimes against humanity) if Mother Nature will do it on her own? They can’t be blamed for bad weather, right?

    • John Kerry is a total imbecile and this is precisely the reason Obamo got him in this position. The attack on Joe Average will intensify until there will be some guy like Trump in charge to dismantle EPA and start prosecuting the fraudulent “scientists”

  2. Well, Let Mr. Kerry go without all the things that CFC’s support if he is so concerned. I bet he doesn’t. He would not even get to fly home if that be the case. Swim back from Vienna. Set the bar.

    • Hi Frank, CFC’s were banned years ago under the Montreal Protocol. I think they are now adding HFCs ( Hydro….. ) to the same list. HFCs must be the replacement coolant for CFCs.

  3. My husband has heart failure, and one of the instructions we were given by the heart specilialist is he will not survive a heat wave, you must get a air-conditioner, it will help him. He cannot exchange oxygen across his lungs effiecently enough so we run it as a heater in winter and air-con in summer, and he is doing well 5 years, for somebody who’s discharges letter to GP says expected death date 30 days. Of course the power bill nearly bankrupts us every 3 months. I always with a laugh say when the power goes out we are going to the local hospital, at $3500.00 for admittance, and $1500.00 a day therafter, they have their own independant power generator’s, you would think the govt could help us just a little. We are in Australia.

  4. So do all of those heaters that run all winter long up north Johnny Boy! But, that apparently didn’t register on this northern idiot’s stupid remarks meter.

  5. LPG gas is used as a substitute in air conds and refridge so it will be fun hearing the tourtuous logic behind this one…,..,..,but it’s not exactly safe.

  6. well if there ever WAS doubt the mans a moron he just showed he is!!
    CFC got phased out some 20+yrs ago when DOW and others decided to agree CFC was harming the “newly discovered ozone layer ”
    how they twigged cfc shrunk it when they had F ALL data to use?
    but globally so many good fridges aircons and the best fire extinguishers ALL got trashed as non regassable non repairable and ended as scrap n landfill
    never mind the massive energy use to make the originals or then make billions more new ones with crappy gas sold at 4x the cost of course!!
    car aircons etc all got dissed.
    the total cost must have been trillions back then
    but it didnt get mention cos they were “saving the planet”
    and ever so conveniently certain companies made obscene amounts of money from it..amazing how many USSA companies on that list dow GE and all the rest.
    I hope Kerrys around mid east when some idiot turns it to glass!

  7. LMAO! If air conditioners and refrigerators were as big a threat to life as ISIS, there should have been a huge human depopulation trend starting with the invention of air conditioners and refrigerators.

    But, there wasn’t.

    Contrary, air conditioners and refrigerators have doubtless enabled many millions of people to live longer and more comfortable lives, and saved trillions of tons of food that would otherwise have spoiled and gone to waste.

  8. My Grandpa had a fridge that ran off a single pilot light. He had it since before I was born until the day he died. It used ammonia as the coolant. This was back in the day when they built things to last. I think it was a Coldspot.
    CFC’s and HFC’s I think are already no longer used in inhalers, CFC’s for sure aren’t.

  9. How do you proudly claim to be a democrat after everything that the say publicly and what is currently being exposed about who they really are which is just the tip pf the iceberg. If you are a proud party member start doing some research and be prepared for a rude awakening. But if your a proud member do us all a favor and shut off those air conditioners it’s raising cane in Europe and the Mid-East.

    What are the old saying that still ring true because the make sense: Once a fool always a fool, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, we may have to add a new one to account for the current state of the democrat party supporters.

  10. HFCs? Is that the same thing as Freon gas? I thought they got rid of Freon in refrigerators and air conditioners years ago. Is this just another scam to benefit some business?

  11. Mr. Kerry should be forced to spend the months of June, July, and August in a south facing apartment with no air conditioning, in Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Birmingham (AL, not UK), or any number of other Cities where the temps for that period are routinely in the 90s F range (or hotter!), and then see if he still says that.

  12. That headline should read “John Kerry is a bigger threat to U.S. security that ISIS.” Does he also maintain a private email server for government business, being as reckless as Clinton was?

  13. Really ???
    I´ve heard of very few incidents of beheading ,rape, murder, etc comitted by an airconditioner
    But when Gina McCarthy and John Kerry starts living a short and brutal life without any heating, airconditioning, electric stoves, or any of the modern worlds wonders, I´ll start listening…
    That is, if they also stop making fraudulent temp. records, to back up the bull they´re spewing

  14. Why don’t we just make it a law that if you vote Democrat, since the leaders/spokespersons of that party say that people should stop using air conditioners and refrigerators, then Democrats have to give up using air conditioners and refrigerators.

    If they make it so we vote online, they would be able to track who voted for the Democrats, and since the voters are probably using “smart meters” now, their power can be cut as soon as the votes are in.

    How’s that for a plan?

  15. I always thought Kerry was stupid… but that sure does prove it!

    And yes to all of you who pointed out all the health risks from lack of refrigeration increasing the risk of food borne illness to problems to people with certain medical conditions and the need to store some meds refrigerated.

    Right now we’re having a major heat wave, and all they tell us is to make sure you go into an air conditioned place if you start showing signs of heat stroke, which can be fatal.

  16. Kerry and his fellow travellers are a bigger threat to the world and mankind than ISIS or air conditioners. Air conditioners are useful, ISIS executes homos in obedience to divine law.
    What has John Kerry and his fellow travellers done that is beneficial, legal or moral? Please give a credible answer if possible.

  17. If it were not so serious, I could kill myself laughing.

    On second thought: Why not drop some air conditioners on ISIS positions — killing two birds with one stone?

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