Al Gore offers to work with Trump on climate change

That sleazeball just won’t go away. 

See video:

Thanks to Squatterman, Andrew Stranglen and Guy Wilson for this link

“I don’t think working together with Al will be a top priority for our new POTUS,” says Squatterman.

“Saving face or AGW? or $$$$$$$$, bye bye AL.”

” hahahahahahah. Sorry, but I find that I cannot stop laughing hahahahahahah…” says Guy.

“LOL,” says Andrew. “Fine, Al Gore can operate the ‘push'(no fossil fuels for him) snowblower around the White House. 😉

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1. intense cold,
2. cooling of the body (during illness).
algor(Latin) noun meaning
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11 thoughts on “Al Gore offers to work with Trump on climate change

  1. Is the algorhythm capable of understanding anything ?
    Does he see a new way to enrich himself at public expense ?
    Inasmuch that any rationality he ever possessed is obviously on hold,
    Is he on drugs ?
    If he is ,maybe he should share them with Hill-ree so that she might cope.
    Maybe the next worthless award he’ll receive will be the
    “Surrealism in everyday life ” award.

  2. yeah pathetic dweeb isn’t he?
    he really thought he had it made when he schmoozed Hillary
    was funny watching her trying to look interested as he did his usual monologue n drove the audience to utter boredom
    even her practiced smile/grimace was slipping badly;-)

    so now ever the thickskinned optimist he reckons he can grab onto Trumps coat tails
    whoo boy
    he picked the wrong bloke;-)
    hope the Donald tells him VERY clearly exactly where to go and what to do when he gets there;-) roflmao!

  3. ‘Yes, of course you can help, Al. Can you just bring along all the empirical evidence for all your claims so that we can go through them? No model output remember – we are not going to play computer games.’ Says Donald.

  4. Ha Ha Ha There is nothing like a good laugh to start the day.
    What a hilarious headline. OMG. What next?

    – German Chancellor Angela Merkel offers to help Trump create Open Borders policy ?

    – Hillary Clinton offers to help Trump install personal email server ?

    – Bill Clinton offers to work closely with Trump on selecting White House Interns ?

    Peace to all from Canada

  5. While I believe that taking care of our planet is of the utmost importance, I do not completely agree with AL Gore and his views on climate change. To be fair, I am no scientist, just an individual with views.

    What is the point of regulating one country in the name of “climate change” when the other countries produce far worse “environmental hazards.” For example, North Korea and their nuclear weapon tests can’t contribute to the “health” of our planet.

    I believe the planet has a system and process of its own to repair damage to the earth. I’m glad that Trump is steadfast in his beliefs on the EPA, however I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump met with Al Gore simply because he will stand up for what he believes in. Trump will never be like Obama and simply avoid his opposition.

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