Alaska – 10 inches of snow PER HOUR!

Massive snowfall in Alaska. In early December!

7 Dec 2017 – Alaska just reported one of the most extreme snowfall rates on record: 10 inches (25 cm) per hour.

Valdez, Alaska – 7 Dec 2017 © Alaska Dept of Transportation and Public Facilities

Yesterday at Alaska’s Thompson Pass just outside the town of Valdez, an incredible 10 inches of snow piled up in one hour. That’s about 1.7 inches every 10 minutes.

The dropped another 5 inches of snow in the next 30 minutes, still at the rate of 10 inches per hour. By the time the storm ended, 40 inches (more than one meter) of heavy wet snow had accumulated in 12 hours.

This storm ranks among the most intense snowfalls on record, according to a quick analysis by weather historian Christopher Burt.

Thanks to Don Brown and Argiris Diamantis for these links

“That’s how ice ages begin,” says Argiris. “One moment those mammoths were eating grass, an hour later they were for ever buried in the snow.”

4 thoughts on “Alaska – 10 inches of snow PER HOUR!”

  1. thats a LOT of snow..does my head in to try n imagine from nothing to 3ft deep in hrs when ive never seen snow in real life;-)

  2. We will have the last laugh if the weather gets so bad snow buries that hateful machine HAARP. This along with chemtrails are to blame for such freak unnatural weather the whole world has experienced past few years. And there are over 400 patents for weather modification so what does that tell you?
    I am not an expert on geoengineering but here’s a good link which is easy to read:-

  3. This is how ice ages begin!

    All we need now is 6 feet of snow per hour and that’s how the wholly mammoths were buried under 9 stories of snow per day when the last ice age arrived!

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