Alaska – Cleveland Volcano spews ash almost 3 miles high

The eruption is “not expected to cause a disruption to big international air carriers,” said John Powell, USGS scientist-in-charge at the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Rising from uninhabited Chuginadak Island about 940 miles southwest of Anchorage, Cleveland Volcano’s last major eruption was in 2001.

Though it has had bursts of activity nearly every year since 2001, Cleveland is so remote that it has no on-ground monitoring or instrumentation, which makes it difficult for scientists to know exactly what is going on.

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4 thoughts on “Alaska – Cleveland Volcano spews ash almost 3 miles high”

  1. Hmm? seeing as Virgin just got approval to fly OVER the arctic…to save fuel and time(greencredits to richard??) one eruption as they fly over may be all it takes:-)

  2. Being 50º N a 15,000′ ash plume will just make it into the stratosphere so the very fine particulates and gases will get right around the globe at about 50º. This is probably more significant than any local air traffic issues.

  3. —oh dear, London is 50 North so Heathrow and Gatwick airports will be right under the ash-flow. I shouldn’t fly to or over either airport for a while, guys!

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