Alaska dog sled races canceled – Too much snow and cold

Officials in Fairbanks canceled the Copper Basin 300 sled dog race Sunday morning after a section of trail was deemed impassible.

Race marshal Greg Parvin said the trail between Meier’s Lake and Sourdough had unusually deep snow conditions, with high winds and bitter cold.

Snowmachines trying to break a trail for the race kept getting stuck, and temperatures consistently remained 45 to 50 degrees F below zero.

Meanwhile the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks postponed the Wooly Rhino Open race because temperatures at Birch Hill Recreation Area were predicted to be between 20 and 30 below.

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2 thoughts on “Alaska dog sled races canceled – Too much snow and cold”

  1. well folks there sure DO know what snow looks like, and so do the dogs and kids:-)
    we really should send this to the Mann and CRU etc.

  2. At least someones getting a winter this year. I think the polar shift will put Rochester right by the equator, and the weather seems to support that theory so far this season….. Lame!!!

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