Alaska, Finland, China, Russia, New York State JUNE SNOW – Video

Crop Losses Follow

Rare Snowstorms abound across the planet. Mid-June and every continent received snow across both hemispheres. Record snows in Argentina/Chile, New York state, Russia, China, Finland

Thanks to Adoni for this video

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  1. Maybe good for australian wheat farmers, we have screwed over manufacturing we need something to save us after the mining boom.

  2. One of the key factors over the next thirty years will be the shortening growing season.
    As spring starts later and later in the year, with autumn/winter starting sooner, particularly above 3000 ft. the growing season will shrink to less than 70 days, less than modern crops can germinate, grow to pollination, produce seed and be harvested.
    None food crops and weeds will not be affected as they are far more hardy than human’s food crops.
    Mongolia’s growing season in 2009 was 95 days, their grass crops have already failed during this winter, and millions of herbivores have died during a harsh, long lasting winter though lack of fodder.
    I would suggest that this area of the world will be one of the first to be depopulated by the cold to come over the next 30 years as whole tribes start to migrate away from the harsh conditions.
    We have less than four years to consider setting up Grain Banks closed by the Democrat Gullible Warmists, then stocking them for the world famines to come.
    Crop areas used to produce Ethanol need to start producing food for humans, not cars.

  3. Commenter Espen on the WUWT website, re the GISSLOT1 data: “The drop of 0.4 C since February is one of the largest 3-month drops ever recorded. In the last 100 years. There were larger drops only in feb-may 1995 (-0.5), dec 1981 – mar 1982 (-0.42), nov 1928 – feb 1929 (-0.48) and sep 1917 – dec 1917 (-0.53).”

    And this temp drop occurred DURING an El Nino!

  4. I remember Al Gore clearly warning us that before the horrific Globalist Warming and extinction of all life, we would have a sever Globalist Cooling, caused by man.

    • Al Gore has made a fortune from a AGW belief system that man is the centre of the AGW universe, and anything man dose has profoundly bad implications for the planet, the solar system, etc. etc. Bovine excreta!
      Termites have a greater impact on the environment, produce more gases, both CO2 and Methane, and consume more veggie food than the miserable number of humans on this planet in comparison. The Ant species are just behind the Termite in numbers and effects.
      Of Man’s constructions only a few are visable that can be seen from space, yet one of the smallest animals constructions is easily seen – the Great Barrier Reef, at the same time has had a significant impact on the atmosphere and the saturation levels in the Ocean of CO2, by acting as a Carbon sink.
      AL Gore and the rest of the Green Anarchists are well aware of the cooling power of solar minimums, they didn’t expect one so soon, to come and bite them in the bottom, before their Carbon Credit shell games got fully to the money shot.
      Solar Minimums can now be predicted well into the future, and correctly hind cast previous ones, using fully peer reviewed JPL data sets, and that beats the hell out barking up the wrong lonesome pine any day with a data set which has never been peer reviewed and never will.

  5. looks like we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice!

  6. The climate in south-central Alaska has been nice and mild, just a little light on rain. High pressure brings cool nights, but the cold air stays above 2,000 feet or so. The surrounding mountains and volcanoes still have snow on their flanks.

    The link below is an article from JPL, about a companion asteroid orbiting earth for the last century. I’m wondering how much solar energy is blocked by the asteroid over time, and is it enough to contribute to global cooling?

    • All courtesy of a South Westerly air stream from a warm pacific ocean, particularly if the air stream stuck in one direction due to a meridional jet stream and passing over a so call warm blob off the west coast of North America.
      You’re lucky, you’re in the same weather pattern as North West Europe, windy, wet, and currently warm, predicted weather for the early part of a Solar Minimum, and documented in the research for the effects on climate change during a Solar minimum, the papers findings reported that the time for the climate change period from dry and warm to cold wet and windy was 10 years, in this current solar minimum that’s during the next two years.

  7. Snow sounds so good right now!

    In Missouri, we are under a heat advisory every day, with no end in sight. Summer is not even officially here yet, and July and August are normally our hot months.

    If it gets any hotter, there will be people dying of the heat in their homes, and I may be one of them!

    It seems unreal to read all these posts about unseasonable cold and snow all over the world. Isn’t an ice age supposed to affect the whole planet? What the heck is going on?

    • Weather systems during 140 year solar warm periods and during the solar max period of each cycle normally moves from West to East and transits East fairly quickly in the westerlies over the majority of the temperate regions of the Earth.
      However, during the decline of each Solar cycle and at the end of the cycle until the rise to max, the atmosphere changes to a more blocked airstream with High pressure System becoming stationary and the Jet Stream between the High and Low pressure systems becoming stationary in one direction of the compass. The Met Offices refer to these periods as PDO and NAO periods and can last for a decade.
      In your case, this has led to early heat in the season, in the UKs case we have just sat under large single low pressure system made up of the rements of TS Colin which has dumped 5″ of rain on my garden in 10 days.
      Even the UK Met Office has reported that this June this year is the wettest in their records. The problem with the Anglo Saxon Met office records, is that they started to keep records well after the effects of the Dalton Solar Minimum had dissipated, so they haven’t got any clue as the weather to expect.
      However, during a solar minimum like the current one we are in now, the atmosphere reverts a meridional state, once the average number of full sized sun spots per month falls below 35, even during the Solar Max period, and we still have an even lower cycle to get though during SC25 and two other cycles 26 and 27 which follow with the same energy output as SC20.
      Eventually, in the next four years, there will be an “on the road to Damascus” revelation within the Solar Science and Climate Ologist worlds.
      When it happens, a significant number of AGW professional and educational careers will be finished as frauds, and science in general tarnished with the effects of the Climate Ologists mumbo jumbo for a generation. While Joe public will continue to experience the extremes of weather a Mini Ice Age produces without any warning as to why.

    • HI Deb, I’m in Virginia… we had a really late spring, and a lot more ups and downs than normal for here. Until a few weeks ago, mostly 20 degrees F lower than norm. A LOT more thunderstorms than would be normal for that time of year. And we’d had almost 2 months of daily rain… the BUGS and weeds are thriving! I have itchy bites all over my neck and arms from “May” flies, who usually hang around only a few weeks. It’s been over a month now.

      THEN it turned hotter than Hades, with yet more thunderstorms … some quite severe, although at least no tornados (rare for here anyway). Last weekend I could not finish my chores… I hadn’t started early enough in the day and it heated up so fast it got to a point where I could not deal with getting out of the car one more time. My feet and legs have been swollen all week and it hurts (I have several medical conditions that will do that, heat and humidity and storms…).

      FINALLY… the past 2 days it’s finally cooled off enough that I can tolerate going out! I am glad of it… still got too many bugs and too many weeds going strong. I am glad of it!

      However, I do appreciate the fact that looking at this website we get a much broader story. It would be easy to believe we are in the midst of “global warming”… if there wasn’t a good source of information that the media omits. So I say, Robert… THANK YOU for putting this blog out there. And thanks also to the many contributors of articles, comments, links to what is really happening!!! ~Jean

      • PS
        What I meant that I’m glad of… not the bugs and weeds! I’m only glad we finally got a break in the weather and it’s cooled off a bit. But it’s got to be hell on crops around here also.

    • Weather extremes of both hot and cold are the norm going into these solar minimums. Extreme cold always follows extreme heat. If you look at what happened in 2010 El Niño there was record breaking heat in the summer followed by an extremely cold snowy winter in the northern US such as minisotta! By winter you should get your share of cold!

      • Of course warmists like algore will continue to rip there man made global warming/climate change farts out in front of the public blaming mankind for any significant record breaking weather event that happens here on earth! Amazing the world we live in!

        • Meanwhile the pollutants of man made globull warming/climate change propaganda still continue to be released into the atmosphere of uncertainty knowing away at people’s brains and viewpoints on this whole climate change debate while cash is still being exchanged into wallets of governmental brainwashing morons

  8. JimBob-Thx for the explanation, but does that mean I can expect hot summers for the next ten years? Cool summers was supposed to be the upside to the ice age, as far as I’m concerned. Am I going to have to migrate north of the jet stream?

    JeanS-I feel your pain, Sis! Excessive heat is hard on us retreads!

    This is a hell of a note! I don’t remember any stories of people dying of heat stroke during the LIA! Not fair!

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