Alaska Icebreaker Saga

Alaska Icebreaker Saga

“Our only small icebreaker is now basically stuck trying to convey a Russian oil tanker to Nome, Alaska.”


Dear Mr. Felix:

The US has no useful icebreakers. Money for such has been requested for years, but deleted from the Federal budget because new icebreakers would send the wrong message relative to the ‘Global Warming’ dogma. Our only small icebreaker is now basically stuck trying to convey a Russian oil tanker to Nome, Alaska.

Here is the link from the ALASKA DISPATCH:

Richard North, an English climate sceptic, has been following the lack of American and European icebreaking capacity for years, and I found this reference on his site:


Quentin Rakestraw

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  1. It looks like we are heading towards a new oil spill disaster if the ice would destroy the tanker. Do we know if there is a plan B if this goes wrong?

    • No plan B, tanker double hull, so better to operate in ice, but yes possible, I think any oil spill will be in the transfer of fuel from tanker to the tanks, running through hoses strecthed out almost a mile over the ice. The tanker will not be able to get into to the harber, past the breakwater do to large ridging of the ice.

  2. Sorry but I really don’t understand this one. Instead of the ships being stuck in the ice, the article starts out saying they are making good headway. Even the tracking data at shows them moving along, slow but getting there.

    • I believe he means it is stuck on this particular job when it could be doing something else, not that it is litteraly stuck in the ice. I.e: “Honey I won’t be home for dinner. I am stuck at work”.

    • From the context I`d say He meant “stuck” as in “stuck with the job of escorting the Renda ” and unavailable for other icebreaking duties (Harbour clearing etc } Though the Renda Herself certainly has been stuck in the the ice many times during this incredible rescue mission

  3. It looks like this is a blog constantly updating. I see on the 11th the ships lost ground, so it is hard to say what is going on, but the truth is, there should be more icebreakers around then just one small one. Does that mean there are larger ones?

    • Healy is not a small breaker… its only one that can operate in the Arctic sea ice though. There are small breakers that operzte in harbors and the great lakes but not in open ocean.

  4. I smell opportunity. Anyone know how many ice breakers we have sitting in mothballs? Maybe the Russians have a few sitting around? They could be leased. Everything is a business plan.

  5. recently the swedish?russians?someone over that way? pulled the large icebreaker that amerikka was using in the antarctic back home..hillary wasnt so happy..
    seems someone up north could work out it may be needed more back home:-)
    and yes another fine example of the warmist only mindset that will keep killing folks due to UNplanning for all eventualities, ie no dams allowed and the drought, no clearing or even grazing down, heavily forested areas for kyoto and then watch that area and a whole lot more besides burn and kill people,pets,stock and native animals .
    greenthink can be as bad if not worse than rabid business,different means but the same lousy outcome.

  6. Yep stuck escorting the tanker when the Healy was supposed to be back home in Seattle a few days before Christmas. Heally had been uperating the the Arctic and than the Bering Sea since last summer doing research and was supposed to get home by christmas, now looks like they will be ucking to get home by the end of the month.
    Also it is not a small icebreaker, it is the ONLY operational Arctic icebreaker in the Coast Guard, they had 2 others Poalr Sea/Polar Star, but one is being rehabbed and the other is being used for parts. I found this whole story funny as the day before the story broke about the “crisis” in Nome the Coast Guard was on capital Hill testifing about needing more icebreakers and assests in the Arctic.

  7. Now they have reached Nome it will be interesting to see how long it takes to unload 1.5 million gallons of via a one mile long hose. A week or two? At least the currents will take them south quite quickly.

  8. After some reasonable progress these boats are now stuck just north of Nunivak island. They appear to have decided to head west.

    Hardly any news since they left Alaska and yet this must one of the most interesting human drama stories in years out at sea.

    Conditions are expected to get easier once they are past Nunivak

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