Alaska – Iliamna Volcano alert level raised

This afternoon, the Alaska Volcano Observatory raised Iliamna Volcano’s alert level from normal to advisory and its aviation color code from green to yellow.

Iliamna Volcano - File photo courtesy Tina Neal/Alaska Volcano Observatory, U.S. Geological Survey

Although earthquakes at Iliamna Volcano have steadily increased over the past three months, the observatory says that does not necessarily mean an eruption is imminent.

Iliamna Volcano lies about 130 miles southwest of Anchorage on the west side of Cook Inlet.

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1 thought on “Alaska – Iliamna Volcano alert level raised”

  1. funny how MSM seems to have selective amnesia re volcanos being active or even existing in polar regions.
    down sth we have Erebus still quietly simmering away as well.
    but mention Carbon and melting, and theyre off and racing:-)

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