Alaska snowfall has doubled in the last 170 years

Winter snowfall doubled, while summer snowfall increased by 50 percent. Why? Let’s blame humans.

According to scientists drilled two wells in Hunter Mountain in Denali National Park in the state of Alaska (USA). A study of the extracted ice cores shows that, since about 1840, the amount of winter snowfall in the south of central Alaska has increased by 117%. The volume of summer snowfall has increased by almost 50%.

What would cause such an increase in snowfall? This article blames human activity.

“Scientific models show that precipitation – rain or snow – increases due to global warming: warm air keeps more moisture. This is one of the reasons, but not the only one, scientists believe. Increased precipitation also gives a zone of low atmospheric pressure called the Aleutian Low (Aleutian Low) in the Bering Sea, driven by warm tropical oceans. It brings to the north of Alaska a stream of warm moist air.

“The current rate of snowfall in Alaska far exceeds its natural rate before the industrial revolution. The volume of snowfall changed when humanity began to throw greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thereby heating the planet. This also led to a reduction in precipitation in Hawaii, the document says. At the same time, according to scientists, such a result will not necessarily repeat in other regions with similar conditions.”

Isn’t that the perfect setup? “Such a result will not necessarily repeat in other regions with similar conditions.” In other words, it’s our fault if snowfall increases. It’s also our fault if snowfall decreases.

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12 thoughts on “Alaska snowfall has doubled in the last 170 years”

  1. That’s complete baloney!! Another full-fledged lie.
    The reason for increasing snowfall is due to the ice age cycle and climate cooling!

  2. Let’s also interview the Native Alaskans until we can find the one week where it’s warmer than the rest of the year, and talk about that, and not natives from Nunavut or Greenland

  3. “Alaska snowfall has doubled in the last 170 years”
    Again, this goes along with Robert’s ideas – warming oceans from oceanfloor volcanoes => more evaporation creating clouds => more precipitation feeding/creating glaciers. So ironically it’s the warmth that will ultimately bring the cold.
    It’s amazing that no ‘consensus’ scientist has ever put two and two together – It is well known that glaciers are fed by precipitation/snowfall – so did they think that the massive glaciers during the ice age were created by a different process?

  4. The date is the key, 1840 is two Solar Cycles cycles after Dalton finished. The Dalton Grand Solar Minimum was another significant period last 30 to 40 years of Cold, Wet and very Windy weather in the NH.
    The period of four cycles with 1840 starts from was similar in soalr output to SC23.

    had the Author started his weather plot at the start of Dalton his findings would be no different than this periods wet climate.

  5. All due to an increase in average temperature of about 1°C over ~100 odd years – amazing !

    All due to an increase of about 1 extra molecule of CO2 per 10000 molecules of air in ~100 odd years – amazing !

    Be afraid – be very afraid !

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