Alaska town – 18 feet of snow – Collapsed roofs – People trapped in houses

Record snowfall. National Guard called in.

Dozens of National Guard troops arrived in Cordova on Sunday to help the small Alaskan fishing community dig out after weeks of record snowfall collapsed roofs, trapped some people in their homes, triggered avalanches, and left the beleaguered town buried in more than 18 feet of snow.

The town issued a disaster proclamation last week after three weeks of relentless snow overwhelmed local crews working around the clock and filled snow dump sites.

With snowdrifts reaching 12 to 14 feet high, at least three buildings have collapsed or partially collapsed and six homes are deemed severely stressed by heavy wet snow, officials said.

The state is coordinating with private companies to supply front-end loaders and other heavy equipment.

More snow is expected Tuesday morning.

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13 thoughts on “Alaska town – 18 feet of snow – Collapsed roofs – People trapped in houses”

  1. I wonder how the “Global Warming” porponents are going to try to explain this snow blizzard away, and say that it is the result of man-made greenhouse gases.

  2. You noticed the phrase “heavy wet snow?” Need we say more than that to prove global warming? After it would have been heavy dry snow if not for the warmth, right?

    • So based on the phrase “heavy wet snow” we are supposed to turn our economy on its head, ignore the evidence and ignore the thousands of phd’s that say global warming is bunk? Yeah good luck selling that.

    • Alaska is my adopted home. Cordova always has “heavy wet snow” as does the rest of SE Alaska and British Columbia. It has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Global Warming.’

      • Don’t you silly pleope realise “Climate Change” means unlikeable weather. So that will be the new catch cry beware UW. To be serious Monckton made the comment that the solar activity is coming back does anyone have a reference?

  3. No that’s called a blizzard. You don’t have to have extreme cold for an ice age at all. Another reason why it’s not that cold in that area is because that is southern AK, south of Anchorage – bound by the Aleutians. They usually get temps ranging in the 28-35 degree range with heavy wet snow being the result. It can be 55 below F in Fairbanks but still relatively mild down in extreme southern AK – bound near the Aleutians and the Pacific Ocean.

  4. Cordova looks colder in the extended:

    Thursday Night…Snow likely. Lows in the mid 20s.

    Friday And Friday Night…Mostly cloudy. Highs in the mid 20s. Lows 10 to 15.

    Saturday Through Martin Luther King Jr Day…Mostly cloudy. Highs around 20. Lows 10 to 15.

  5. Although Global Superstorm is predicated on AGW and impossible physics, some of the details in it regarding the end of the end of the interglacial are probably not far off. Not if, but when, it happens, it will happen quickly.

  6. Epic snow fall in Alaska, 10 inches of snow in Midlands, TX, and thousands of head of cattle trapped by the snow in New Mexico. It sounds like we are headed for a Ice Age. Where is the idiot thief Al Gore. Al Gore used Global Warming to get rich.

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