Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier Advancing

Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier Advancing

Hubbard Glacier has been advancing into Disenchantment Bay for more than 100 years, according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. In addition to its forward movement, the glacier has been thickening as well.

Image taken on July 22, 2014 shows the advancement of Hubbard Glacier as compared to previous years. (NASA)

This must be shocking news for, which likes to beat the global-warming drum.

It’s interesting to see how they tried to temper the news by switching the focus to Glacier National Park in Montana. They mention the EPA and then, in the same paragraph, quote the National Resources Defense Council, which warns that “if the current pace of retreat continues, Glacier National Park in Montana will be glacier-free by 2070.”

By mentioning both entities in the same paragraph it almost looks as if the National Resources Defense Council might be an official government resource. It is not. It prides itself on being “the nation’s most effective environmental action group.”

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6 thoughts on “Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier Advancing

  1. It IS all about MSM-mediated control of news. I’m only wondering what they’ll try spinning us when facts outweigh “proof” that global warming is going to run amok and kill us all. Cold kills far more than does heat.

  2. >>warns that “if the current pace of retreat continues, Glacier National Park in Montana will be glacier-free by 2070.”<<

    This whole schtick about how Glacier Park is becoming "glacier free" is totally bogus and deceptive. Why is it bogus? It's bogus, because Glacier Park has been largely glacier free for a very long time. I remember visiting there with my parents in 1953 and being disappointed because there were no visible glaciers like I had seen in photographs of mountains in Alaska and Canada. I visited again 20 years later, and the few tiny patches of permanent snow and ice that existed had remained essentially unchanged – no growth, no melting. I can support these facts with hundreds of color slides I inherited that had been taken by my father of the mountains in the park in 1953 – virtually NO GLACIERS, just small, permanent snow and ice fields.

    As a child in 1953, I remember asking a park ranger, "Where are the glaciers?" He explained that the park was named for the geological FEATURES that had been LEFT by the glaciers, not for any existing glaciers. You may still find this statement today on the this national park service web page:

    Never-the-less, I've been told about how visitors in recent years have been taken on guided tours where the park rangers pointed out the features, shook their heads and tsk, tsked about how climate change was destroying the glaciers in the park. It's true, of course, but those glaciers have been melting back since the beginning of the Holocene, not because of anthropogenic influences.

    These are the kinds of deliberate misrepresentations of fact that led me to investigate the AGW hypothesis some years ago and to learn that there was essentially no empirical evidence to support it.

  3. looks like kids will know what glaciers look like 88 years from now in Alaska, unless they get buried by 9 stories of snow per day before that time.

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