Alberta farmers scramble to save crops worth millions

Crops flattened under the snow 

Warren Sekulic, a northern Alberta farmer situated about 70 km (43 miles) north of Grande Prairie, had only heard stories from his grandparents about snow showing up so early in September, writes Kieran Leavitt of the StarMetro Edmonton.

The snow that fell on northern Alberta on Wednesday seriously affected Sekulic’s canola and wheat crops, says Leavitt. It certainly downgraded his wheat from grade one or two, to a grade three or to the “feed” classification — making their value much less.

Plus, using heavy machinery to harvest his crops will cause huge ruts in the wet ground, which will create a “significant problem” next year when preparing the fields for planting again.

“When you have falls like this it’s not just a one season issue, it’s like a year process to get over it,” said Sekulic.

This calamity could cause millions in lost revenue for farmers in northern Alberta, said Kevin Hoppins, board and chair with the United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative.

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11 thoughts on “Alberta farmers scramble to save crops worth millions”

  1. coulda sworn ‘id commented on this already?
    didnt the exact same thing occur in canada last yr?
    Im puzzled as to why they say about the wet ground?
    when a snowfall wouldnt have(or shouldnt have) made summer dry ground all that wet??
    lowset pickup on the header and they’ll get the majority in but ight need to run drying fans into it?
    as long as they dont cop following rains theyve got a chance i guess
    and get stock in asap to eat the stubble n dropped grains

  2. Don’t harvest it just let it go. Rutting your land is no joke, it is hard as hell and it makes permanent ditches form if you are not careful

  3. The point is crop growing at high latitudes and altitude will get more and more difficult as the Grand Solar Minimum progresses. The Northern Hemisphere has another 30 years of short summers wet springs and Autumn and early starts to harsh winters to cope with.
    Question: Will Grapes still be grown in Canada in five years from now and will winter wheat still be planted?

  4. Calculating backwards from the most recent observations , the growing-season this year was shortened by abour 3 weeks . How much will it be next year ? Will Canada be finished as a mayor food producer for the world ?

  5. Hopefully they get a reprieve. It’s been a very conistent pattern. I asked the drought monitor why it’s considered a drought there when it was a wetter than average winter last year and it’s “drier than average” now forecast for this month and it appears to rain every day, maybe not in Seattle, however in the Olympic peninsula rainforest. He didn’t want to answer the question, and didn’t address my questions about desert regions that have also seen substantial rain. Shouldn’t really take much to get them caught up.

  6. Everything will be grown in hydroponic warehouses stack from floor to cieling. Of course you will need carbon enrgy to keep the grow light aon and the temperatures from freezing.

  7. I suspect that times of a few nations supplying many more who dont produce are coming to an end. sth africa has not just white farmers who DO produce for many being murdered and land taken without just recompense.. other areas bought up and farmed by OS *eu)interests might find themselves in trouble also over there soonish.
    india n china might manage short rations for their own but invading mongolia to do it isnt a good look either.
    what will the tourists do if the islands they “invade” regularly cant buy in affordable luxury foods anymore i wonder?
    sth anericas pretty chaotic and theyve done deals for soy n other crops that go OS and to america but leave their own people destitute and hungry
    that might change unexpectedly also, as the military have families in need too.
    I’ve been surprised to hear people who dont usually think outside msm and the approved”box” start to talk about coming shortages and chaos.
    I tell them to go dig n buy seeds and get some chooks;-)

  8. Drove to Edmonton yesterday. Vast areas of central Alberta under snow. Parked outside last night…3 inches of fresh snow.

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