Alberta harvest way way behind

Snowing, and 29 F degrees BELOW average!


“Snowing here in southern Alberta (again…still) and today’s high will be 0°C which is 16 degrees C below average!!” says reader Clive Schaupmeyer.

“That’s 29 F degrees BELOW average!

Harvest across Alberta is way way behind. “Based on annual averages over the last five years, approximately 80 per cent of crops should have been harvested by this time. This year, only 40 per cent of harvesting has been completed.”

“Cold, wet weather has been the norm in the past several years (three years) in almost all areas of the province,” said Oneill Carlier, Alberta’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

See entire article “Heavy snowfall further hampers already delayed harvest in Alberta”

9 thoughts on “Alberta harvest way way behind”

  1. 0 at harvest;-/ curious as to humidity levels
    if its cold but very dry they might be able to pull it in regardless.
    you wouldnt want to be in old tractors with no cabin or heating though

  2. Just when you thought they couldn’t sink lower. Or get more desperate.

    ‘As global temperatures rise, so will mental health issues, according to a new study’ #WorldMentalHealthDay

    The climate is changing, the climate is changing!!!’
    ‘So?? ‘
    ‘So Hands UP!!! Gimme all your money. ‘

  3. Believing in fake news is definitely very harmful to your mental health. Like being lead to believe we are all going to die in 10 years because Trump withdrew from the Paris accord. If you buy into that crap, you will most certainly have mental health issues.

  4. Look at the beautiful blue sky that you remember, but which now occurs only after rain washes the chemtrails out. If you watch how that beautiful sky is converted once again to overcast, you will see the chemtrails just half an hour before. Always.

    Is this overcast hastening and amplifying the natural cooling which is occurring? Certainly it reduces the sunlight reaching the surface.

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