Aleppo Refugees Caught in Rare Snowstorm

“Snow Buries Tent City,” reads the headline on

The thing I hate about The Telegraph is that they’re nutters for not captioning the photos with dates so a person knows when and where they’re from,” says reader H.B. Schmidt. “However, from an article picked up by The Weather Channel, refugees from Aleppo in Syria are dealing with significant snow and cold today, 23/12/2016.”

“How many stories have we seen this year alone of cold and snow being reported in places that have rarely seen snow in over 100 years? And we’re to believe this is the result of more little molecules of CO2?”

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  1. This will be blamed on Assad’s regime as many buildings in Aleppo offer little shelter.

    However, I wonder how many Governments of nations on Earth would not fight to overcome an armed rebellion – especially when the rebellion is orchestrated from outside and the opposing forces receive weapons from other countries.

    I don’t believe the US would simply refuse to liberate any city in the US overtaken by “rebels” armed and funded by external nations.

    I also find it interesting that Assad’s troops remain steadfast and loyal years after this insurgency began. Tyrannical dictators do not attract loyalty such as displayed by Assad’s troops – Sadam’s regime suffered total collapse of loyalty within a few weeks.

    Still what a miserable way to spend a winter – I won’t make a reference to Christmas as it is not really appropriate for a predominantly Muslim culture.

    But what a shame this is – while the wealthy Western nations celebrate and party these poor individuals struggle against harsh nature – which apparently doesn’t care for them at all unlike under the Gaia hypothesis where “organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.”

    Deprive these people of hydrocarbon energy, as many well off “Save the Planet” comfortable Westerners insist, and their misery will compound.

    The West should not deny its share of responsibility for these catastrophes as the West started the program of regime change in the first instance.

    Back on topic –

    “And we’re to believe this is the result of more little molecules of CO2?”

    If climatologists are correct and 99% of our atmosphere neither absorbs nor emits significant infra-red radiation then increasing the concentration of I.R. active gases such as CO2 should increase the emissivity of the atmosphere with the result of more radiation to space, not less.

    If this is true then CO2 will assist planetary cooling and this is not a good thing in a time of declining solar activity.

    It is possible the message will switch to CO2 driven cooling due to unforeseen lower solar activity if the pause continues.

    Saw a tweet from Trump seeming to suggest a restart of the arms race – not too sure we need that right now – hope it is a misinterpretation.

    The next few decades will be interesting for all sorts of reasons.

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