ALERT DANGER Early Cold and The Onset of Crop Losses

Video – David DuByne of Adapt 2030 interviews author Robert Felix

Thanks to Dean Koehler for this video

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  1. for my coming week in SE aus we still have overnight temps of 1 to 2c and at best maybe 7c
    daytime max 20c
    we were lucky and did get reasonable rain, but spring/ summer seeds wont sprout in cold damp soil, with near frost conditions.

    ps its the Mallee not mali that copped the frost n drought

  2. It is ridiculous to even entertain the thought that non existent AGW, which has hi jacked all natural variability which was in a warming mode from the end of the Little Ice Age to 2005 had any climatic impact on the global temperature rise.

    My point will be proven now – over the next few years as global temperatures continue to fall in response to all natural climatic factors now transitioned to a cold mode.

    If there is any validity to AGW , the global temperatures should continue to rise now-next few years, but they will not because AGW does not exist.

    What controls the climate are the magnetic field strengths of both the sun and earth. When in sync as they are now(both weakening) the earth should grow colder.

    In response to weakening magnetic fields the following occurs:

    EUV light decreases – results in an weaker but more expansive polar vortex. Greater snow coverage.

    UV light decreases – results in overall sea surface oceanic temperatures decrease.

    Increase in GALACTIC COSMIC RAYS- results in changes to the global electrical circuit, cloud coverage , explosive major volcanic activity.

    In other words during periods of very weak long duration magnetic field events the earth cools due to a decrease in overall oceanic sea surface temperatures and a slightly higher albedo due to an increase in global cloud/snow coverage and explosive volcanic activity.

    Thus far all overall global temperature trends for the past year or two have been down and I expect this trend to continue.

  3. Robert, you hit it correct with the reliance on just-in-time ordering and supply being the Achilles heal of the current trading regime. With so little ‘in stock’ food/fuel/essentials reserves will run low in a very short time, and will be sold to the highest bidder not the most needy.
    The future looks dark and brutal unless each of us prepare for the worst (and hope for the best). Western governments are not seeing the hazards accelerating towards us.

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