Algeria – Snow isolates 12 municipalities from outside world and each other

Snow besieging northern Laghouat

22 Jan 2017 – Continued snowfall overnight on the northern side of Laghouat cut off all roads in 12 municipalities, leaving them isolated from the outside world and each other.

Also, travel by hundreds of passengers on buses, cars and trucks has been halted due to the interruption of roads by the snow and many   landslides.

Electricity, mobile phone networks and water is cut off some municipalities Kpldah Haj Mashri.

Authorities have mobilized all gear available to open the roads, and to shelter and feed the hundreds of stranded travelers.

The population is facing a scarcity of certain vegetables and fruit in some municipalities due to interruption of the roads, leading to rising prices, as the price for potatoes jumped to 80 dinars.×318.jpg

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2 thoughts on “Algeria – Snow isolates 12 municipalities from outside world and each other”

  1. certainly a FAR cry from the idiotic statements 17 years ago that kids won’t know what snow is anymore!

  2. Having nailed their colours to the mast in denying that the el Nino had a big effect in causing the so called record warmest year, they are going to need a lot of fiddling to make 2017 come anywhere near 2016. After all, they claim there is no pause and that it is getting warmer, it will be embarrassing if this year is cooler.

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