Nobody alive today saw snow this early in Rapid City, SD

Nobody alive today saw snow this early in Rapid City, SD

It’s official. Record early snowfall in Rapid City, SD

(126 years of records).

Rapid City-11Sep14

National Weather Service, Rapid City, South Dakota:

“Near an inch of snow at Rapid City. This is the earliest recorded snowfall going back to 1888.”

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10 thoughts on “Nobody alive today saw snow this early in Rapid City, SD”

  1. Records are meant to be broken. While I do think a colder climate is on the way, this event will not convince me. Now, if we have a 50 degree day in NYC next July, I would start to wonder.

  2. The thermal conditions of the oceans are the highest in living human history. Now with solar activity at the lowest in at least 200 possibly 400 years, the land masses are cooling more and at faster rates seasonally than ever, in living memory. This is the beginning global cooling, a natural response to the sun warming the earth less. As the oceans slowly cool over decades the battle will continue between moist oceanic air masses and ever cooling continental air masses.

    • I don’t think the oceans will cool all that much, because underwater volcanoes will continue heating them. This means that we’ll have more moisture evaporating into the cooler skies. Cooling skies and warming oceans: A deadly combination.

  3. 1888 was at the very end of solar cycle 12. In 2014 we are just over the top of solar cycle 24. This very early snowfall in the top of the solar cycle is a very bad sign. Some time ago Anthony Watts had an interesting article on his site, written by David Archibald.
    If the coming year 2015 would be as cold as 1740 we are in big trouble. The NH winter 1739-1740 started with the first frost by the end of September in Central England and by the beginning of October in the Netherlands (the only places in the world where temperature records were being kept at that time). After a very cold autumn, December 1739 was quite mild but then in January 1940 started one of the coldest years in centuries.

  4. I’m totally convinced that this is the start of an ice age – and not just a little one. This summer has already broken huge numbers of cold records. So that, along with this record breaking early season late summer snowfall, is totally convincing to me!

  5. All I can say is that I am glad that I’m most probably past the mid-point of my life. I might just beat it at the race before the truly nasty bits begin if it can come on as fast as you say, Robert.
    Better say, kidney, heart failure or something like that than slowly starve and freeze at same time…

  6. I was raised in Rapid City, and remember snow as early as late September and as late as the 1st of may. I also remember occasional 60 degree Christmases. The weather in RC has always been kinda freaky due to the “banana belt” effect. Since RC is directly center east of the Black Hills, the hills break up a lot of the storms out there. Snows heavily in the hills, breaks up and regroups around RC to slam the prairie east of town.

  7. Everybody needs to come to drought parched California to find relief from the bitter cold making back east like the North Pole!!!

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