All on the Road to China

The Green-ants said “You can’t burn coal” – so we sent our coal to China. Then our factories and our smelters closed and followed the coal to China.

All on the Road to China

By Viv Forbes

The Green-ants said “You can’t burn coal” – so we sent our coal to China. Then our factories and our smelters closed and followed the coal to China.

The Green-ants said “You can’t eat beef” – so we sent our beef to China. Then burger chains and canneries closed and followed the beef to China.

The Green-ants said “Protect the trees” – so our grasslands went to weeds. Then China’s wool cheques disappeared and graziers went on welfare.

The Green-ants said “Don’t mention nukes” – so we shipped those fuels to China. Then Chinese power costs fell while ours just kept on soaring.

The Green-ants said “You can’t frack gas” – so we sent our drills to China. Then geologists and engineers were fired and followed the rigs to China.

Then blackouts came and jobs got scarce, so our kids chased jobs in China.

Today we import what we need and our cash is shipped to China.

And now we sit in flickering light, dreaming of times when factories and smelters flourished, work was honoured, explorers and builders were heroes, miners and farmers paid the nation’s bills, electricity was cheap and reliable, and to produce things was no crime.

It’s time we sent all of our Green-ants to China – there should be lots of work for them there.

Cartoon courtesy of Steve Hunter

Viv Forbes
Washpool   Qld Australia

18 thoughts on “All on the Road to China”

  1. You forgot the part where the greenies as facilitators whose companies were paid directly or other interests linked to them directly or indirectly, were paid in kind , for driving all this new change…. why a whole carbon tax and fee schema was promulgated. Futures of “carbon” trading were promulgated out of thin air, and fees and taxes for producing useful things was tacked on top of anything manufactured using carbon energy as input to the process. THIS IS THE REAL TARIFF ON U.S. INDUSTRY . LOL, no , theres truth in humor.

  2. This insanity shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

    So-called sceptics or “luke warmers” are only making the situation worse by their continued outright support for the unproven hypothesis of the “greenhouse effect” based on faulty algebra utilising the Stefan-Boltzmann equation.

    I demonstrated how the simple model of the “greenhouse effect” based on faulty algebra utilising the Stefan-Boltzmann equation is completely mathematically WRONG on CFACT a few weeks ago.

    The CFACT “experts” actually commenced to defend the unproven hypothesis of the “greenhouse effect” based on faulty algebra utilising the Stefan-Boltzmann equation and commenced that most unethical type of behaviour in civilised debate – censorship or complete banning of dissent !

    With ALL of the so-called sceptics or “luke warmers” completely endorsing the IPCC’s position regarding the unproven hypothesis of the “greenhouse effect” based on faulty algebra utilising the Stefan-Boltzmann equation and ALL of the subsequent unproven hypotheses such as “radiative equilibrium, “radiative forcings” and ALL of the computer models they are acknowledging that ALL of the IPCC fantasies are actually possible – even probable !

    No wonder this insanity shows no sign of abating !

    When Trump goes, and he will in six years at the most if not sooner, the US will rejoin Paris and the world will have a UN controlled overseeing government.

    And you can thank the so-called sceptics or “luke warmers” who lack the ability or intestinal fortitude to call out junk science !

    • Well said Rosco. Everything in the global warming aka climate change rhetoric is bogus, starting with the “fact” of the greenhouse effect, largely attributed to CO2 in the atmosphere “blanketing” the Earth. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is laughably (or perhaps patheticly) small and is in the lower atmosphere, close to the surface anyway. What blanketing it does is negligible.

      The biggest lie of all is that CO2, not water vapour, has the greatest effect on all this. This simple fault in the whole global warmers’ agenda, if consistently pointed out, would show what a pure sham it was.

  3. What a load B—it! It was economics and trade agreements that drove these changes. The Australian government doesn’t give a s–t what the Greenies say neither do big corporations. Deals with China was a profit driven vacuum, Australia got sucked in.

  4. hi Rosco
    as a skeptic whos been fighting this carap for 9+yrs now..please dont lump us in wiith the lukewarmers
    theres a big difference tween the two
    I cant abide lukewarmers either
    you either make a decision or you dont
    theres been info and time enough to have done so.
    bloody fence sitting bet hedgers give the irrits on the agw scam as well as other topics;-)
    I have no doubt at all that the planet warms and cools in a cycle, sun cycle itself, and earths position to the sun being the most important.
    mans input is local and limited and has naff all to do with much more than a percent of a degree overall at best.
    hopefully by the time trump does go the entire planet will be so much cooler the mongrels will have to STFU and we can penalise the worst offenders and reclaim land water and industries theyve ruined , as well as as much as is possible of the theived under false pretence funding.

  5. next years federal elections in Australia will be our last chance to save our way of life if liberal and labor get their way we will be all on welfare living on borrowed money and the UN will have control of us, [THIS IS NO JOKE] PLEASE FOLLOW WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR GOVERNMENT YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT

  6. Forgotten here. also is the fact that for all the nice things you sent to China, China was nice enough to send solar panels and windmills back in return! Talk about a lose/lose down under and a win/win in China!

  7. Are the Green ants ok with little or no light? They probably do not work so I assume they are ok with fewer jobs?

    • I think you are hitting the nail on its head. Greenies are not concerned about economic growth and job creation.

  8. Frankly, I think Forbes and many of the comments here not only protest on ignorance, but are a little too clueless about what they are talking about. Let me explain…

    I do recall back in the ’60s as a child, Australia used to have all sort of industries, like white goods – they used to make their own refrigerators and washing machines – furthermore, they used to have all sort of heavier industries – like building planes and ships – not to mention also high technologies – radios and televisions (alla companies like AWA), to simple stuff like toasters and clocks- this and much much more, with a population that was less than half of today’s population. Today, nothing like this is made, including automobiles.

    I note on the automobiles issue. For decades the automobile industry was strongly protected by the Australian government. In fact, it was Sir Robert Menzies, who – if I do recall correctly as a young lad – that the automobile industry must always be protected because it is that industry that can be retooled for war, to build planes, tanks, troop carriers and so on. The automobile industry was protected for so many decades just for that reason, on the potential that war may break out again. So what happened? The Australian government killed the auto-industry, no more cars are built in Australia. Menzies would be turning over in his grave upon this. Now with China building up its Pacific influence, Australia is more dependent than ever on others for its weaponry. Menzies’ ghost will be haunting the halls of Canberra, wailing, ‘I told you so, I told you so.’

    So, you going to blame the Chinese for this? Blaming the Chinese for Australia’s own incompetence for mis-managing its economy is just plain racist!

    Australia has been destroying its primary and secondary industries for decades, all thanks to misguided economic management.

    What has gone wrong? Don’t blame the Greens, they are just the end result of the real cause of Australia’s economic demise. I remember importing a specific battery for a laptop that I bought overseas (Taiwanese made). Even-though there was supposedly no more import duties (well they didn’t call them that, it was about 10 years ago), they did have all these other costs, middle-man handling costs. The battery cost only $70 US, but the handling and surcharges cost another $80! I paid more for these precious Australian hands handling a product, than for the product itself!! You want to blame the Chinese for that?

    No, the blame here is totally within Australia, and how Australians and the Australian government are totally out of touch with economic reality. Australia now is on course of economic destruction, and like during the White Australia Policy years -in fact nothing has really changed, just look at the Australian Government – Australia is going to blame the Chinese, like they did during the late 19th and early 20th century for all their economic ills. What Forbes is, is really a racist and a bigot. Furthermore, he is ignorant of Australian industry. That much vaunted rail network you have around the country, who built it? It wasn’t white Australians, it was Chinese labor, what Australians used to refer to as “Yellow Labor, and they Yellow Peril”. Yeah, you wouldn’t have a rail network anywhere in the country if it weren’t for Yellow Labor. You still think the Chinese are stealing or attracting away your industry? No, they are just doing what you Australians find to hard to do… work a Yellow Man’s job.

    Blaming Chinese for Australian incompetence, is just pure racism. Australians just can’t compete, they just have to use the race card to justify their inability to accept the onus of their failures upon themselves: now that is truly a White Australia Policy!

  9. I would like to add one last point that I forgot to add in my last comment.

    Never use other countries, like China, to characterize your own problems. You don’t like what the Greens are doing? Well those green-ants as you refer to them, are your people…Australians. You don’t like your coal policy, that’s your problem. Bringing in countries like China, even to affect the argument that it is poor economic judgment on the side of Australia, to exemplify your incompetence is RACISM. Especially considering how Australia used to treat the Chinese within their your own country.

    The problems you have in Australia. ARE AUSTRALIAN MADE…100% Stop ratcheting up the war drums with China.

    Warning To Australia and Australians: In recent years, comments like Forbes’ here, and articles in the Australia newspapers having been painting China unfairly. Don’t think the US will protect you. They will abandon you, like they have everyone else since after the Second World War, if things get hot with China. Articles like this one today by Forbes, only makes things worse. There is no body to blame for Australia’s problems other than Australians themselves. If you can’t learn this lesson on your own, it will be others that will ram it down your throat. You have been warned. This new White Australia Policy is dangerous and must stop!

  10. The Globalist Plan to destroy all Nation States. Central Banks are the only sovereigns now. Nationalism is a Billion times better than their dirty scheming communist NWO.

  11. CO2 absorbs and emits in the LWIR around 15 microns wavelength in the IR spectrum. According to the Wien formula this corresponds to a sweltering -80°C. The science is avIlable in most Physics or Chemistry textbooks. I do not understand how any warming could occur except in Antarctica.

  12. Dorian – nice try! A miss is as good as a mile. What is it called when a category word like ‘Australia’ is used to such obfuscatory effect?

    Wolf – indeed!! After 40 years of digging I just discovered Douglas Reed (London Times journalist during WW1 and WW2) who wrote The Controversy of Zion back in the 1950’s (not published until 1975). It’s as close to the real story behind the 20th century as I’ve ever read. Free online, just Google “pdf Controversy of Zion”.

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