All-time record cold July temp in parts of Germany

“Multiple All-Time Low Temperature Records set across Germany — Rare July Frosts Ravage Saxony,” reads the headline.

The village of Deutschneudorf in Saxony reported ground frost this week — an event that’s only occurred on six previous occasions throughout all of Germany during the entire month of July.

Meanwhile, the mercury in Rotenburg, Lower Saxony plunged to 2.9C (37.2F) on Thursday — breaking the town’s all-time record cold temperature for the month of July set in 1946, according to

Many other regions of Germany also registered record-low temperatures on Thursday, including:

  • Quickborn: 4C (39.2F) — lowest July temp since 1999.
  • Göttingen: 4C (39.2F) — lowest July temp since 1996.
  • Soltau: 4.1C (39.4F) — lowest July temp since 1986.
  • Friesoythe: 4.7C (40.5F) – lowest July temp since 1971.
  • Lippstadt: 4.8C (40.6F) — lowest July temp since 1990.
  • Diepholz:5.1C (41.2F) — lowest July temp since 1971.

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“The Grand Solar Minimum has really got it in for us!” says Don.

10 thoughts on “All-time record cold July temp in parts of Germany”

  1. The media report with Page 1 alarming news: new hot record in France and Alaska, but nothing about cold records in Norway, Netherlands, or now Germany… Hello AGW Church opinionated!

    • Yet they fail to mention that Meridional Jet Stream activity reproduces these same events by blowing Warm Wet air into the high Arctic during every solar minimum period between cycles, and particularly those solar cycles with high Angular Momentum (AM) periods during a trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre.
      The majority of the recorded excessive Heat and Cold, Wet and Dry records were set during the Gleissberg Period 1890 to 1940 and in particular the solar cycles 11, 12, 13 with a recovery cycle 14.
      Every GSM is affected in the same way, low levels of UV, with the cycle climate affected by meridional Jet streams coupled with large long lasting coronial holes in the Sun atmosphere leading to blocking weather systems.
      Trillions of $ have been wasted by the CO2 fake science, when that money should have looked at the Sun and its variable energy output effects on the Earth’s atmosphere and just how long this Holocene Interglacial will last. Because Cold and Famine will kill humans far faster than periodic high summer temperature every will.

    Police officers try again to avoid the freezing of road in the Serra do Rio do Sul do Rastro-SC-South Brazil.

    ‘Here, although late, Winter has arrived, looks irregular with a dry tendency, yet still powerful.’

  3. “The Grand Solar Minimum has really got it in for us!” says Don.” And all those earthquakes, that are happening all over planet earth. They usually go together, and indicate that earth is cooling, and going into an ice age

  4. what DanQ said…ive been chekhing temps daytime eu uk and all bar greece spain n italy dropped quickly as the hot airmass moved and even theyre at normal summer temps now
    the media said 6 days heatwave but I sure didnt see that proof.
    and NOT ONE REPORT on the more unusual extreme summer cold….typical of our syncophantic presstitutes carrying the warmist meme to the max!!!!

    • Just now I saw on Aljazeera TV that glaciers in Alaska are melting faster than usual. Comments please!

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